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Club Q – Ashford – Bank Holiday 27.05.13 Review

by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

  • Slam Cartel
  • Crashgate
  • Thumbscrew and the Flicknife Barber
  • Jukebox Monkey

The second gig put on by Below the Radar Events and Promotions at Club Q in Ashford proved a huge success.  By 7.30pm the floor was already filling up and by the time headline act, Slam Cartel hit the stage the place was very nicely crowded.  Lots of familiar faces but also many new ones filled the venue, proving that these nights are very much needed and wanted.

At this point I must mention that Bobb Pineapple was in attendance, having shared the stage with Rage Against the Machine, the night was hugely honoured!

Jukebox Monkey – A four piece Rock band from Kent.  I’ve now had the pleasure of reviewing them on a couple of occasions at different venues in Kent, and it’s always a pleasure.  Having reviewed before, I’ll post links here to the previous and keep this short, as going over old ground is never helpful… (Rokanrolla 28.02.13 Review – the main one to read & 25.04.13 Beercart Arms Review).  This gig was no exception and although there was a minor technical issue with sound, as always the guys blew both myself and the audience away.  This was an Ashford debut for the band and talking to the crowd they went down a treat.  A band with HUGE amounts of energy who always put on a fantastic visual performance as well as sound.  With all the hundreds of bands I have seen, their drummer, “Animal”(my nickname for him)  is still the most animated I have ever seen.   This is hard, loud rock, move yourself around rock; and I’m damn sure they will be playing more and more gigs in the coming months as momentum spreads.  If you like your Rock hard and energetic, this is a band for you!

1 Jukebox Monkey (27)

Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers – A four piece Rockabilly/Punk band hailing from Ashford that I’ve seen once before and was really looking forward to seeing again.  This band has attitude in abundance, but in the most endearing way (I’m sure they won’t particularly like me saying that!)  If you don’t believe me, head over to their Facebook page and read their “about” section and have a listen to some of the tracks on there!  I was asked a few times to describe them, awesome but favour the C word a lot, was what I came up with.  That’s both in lyrics but also in stage banter and there is much of that.  The lead vocalist is a real smart one, but in a way that actually really doesn’t offend.  He’s extremely comical and I’d dare anyone to take him on with a heckle, I’ve witnessed the snap back and humiliation that ensues, but with a witty tone.  Cheeky chap that can get away with almost everything I think.  Their sound… not something you will hear out on the scene very often.  The lyrics are hard hitting and to the point, they are not laced with messages; the message and meaning slap you full front in the face.  No mistaking what they are conveying to you here.  Their stand out song to me is always Faceache… it’s not for the feint hearted though so be warned.  I personally love this band, they have huge appeal to me but if you are easily offended, you have no business being anywhere near these lads!

2 Thumbscrew and the Flicknife Barbers (17)

Crashgate – A five piece Rock band from Deal who have recently released their debut album which has been received exceptionally well.  It’s extremely well produced, coming out of Hidden Track Studios and produced by Oli Craggs from Feed the Rhino ,  which means that the quality is exceptional.  As is their live performance of the new material.  I reviewed this band recently at a Beercart Arms gig in Canterbury, where they performed again with Jukebox Monkey (25.04.13 Beercart Arms Review).  The performance at this gig was no exception, hugely catchy songs with deep, meaningful lyrics.  It’s evident they are all heartfelt and based on personal experience, as front man Craig will happily tell you.  His Welsh voice is unique and unmistakeable and his performance always draws the crowd in, wanting to be part of it.  A hugely talented bunch or musicians backing him and you have yourself something rather special.  I recommend you check these guys out, as for me, their live performance is always top class and showcases them to their utmost best.

3 Crashgate (33)

Slam Cartel – A five piece Hard Rock band hailing from around London and Kent.  Their debut album “Handful of Dreams” is released worldwide and currently receiving a lot of radio airplay.  It’s a rare thing to be able to go and see them at a local gig, as they tour all over the country and there was a large turn out to watch them.  It’s very clear these guys have a large fan base and as they hit the stage I knew this was going to be an entertaining set.  I’ve reviewed them once before at the Beercart Arms, so knew what to expect and to be on my toes with the camera (07.03.13 Beercart Arms Review).  Glancing down at the set list I counted 13 tracks and there was not a chance of this fitting into the 45 minute set.  I was right and they ended up playing for well over an hour and unfortunately due to the time of finishing, a lot of people had left by the end.  This is a hugely experienced band with a very unique sound. When they mentioned that the last song would be a brand new one, I was very interested to hear it.  The first song produced by the band  that they have all had a hand in writing.  This left me wondering if it would still have the same Slam Cartel sound to it.  It does, although I would say somewhat more intricate, due to each band member having brought their own abilities to it.  I’ll be interested in hearing what else they bring to the table in the coming months.  My only gripe with these guys is; as they go along they get so enthusiastic and turn their levels up.  By the end of the gig the vocals are drowned out to a degree with is a huge shame.  If you get a chance to catch them, do, as they rarely perform in the local area!

4 Slam Cartel (1)

Oh and what of Bobb I hear you ask?  Well, when I left he was still rocking out in the corner!

Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions


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Here follows a very small amount of photography from the evening.  For the full nights photo’s, please go to Facebook, this gig only

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

  • Crashgate
  • Jukebox Monkey
  • After The Enclave
  • Let The Dust Settle


Thursday 25th April 2013  another night at the Beer Cart Arms in Canterbury brought another really great line up of bands.  This venue always seems to bring the bands flooding in, eager to play and has built a great reputation in the local scene all round.

Let The Dust Settle are a heavy rock band from Tunbridge Wells in Kent who I have seen and reviewed once before.  Rather than cover old ground I will post the link here to the previous review (RokanRolla gig 28/02/13) and just give an updated opinion of this performance.  The previous review is well worth a read so head over and give it a quick browse.  If you’ve read it, you already know my thoughts on this band and a good idea of what they are about.  My previous observations still stand, they still have the heavy riffs and punchy vocals and I feel they have improved somewhat, which is always a bonus.  The guys are currently in the recording studio getting their debut EP down to bring to you all shortly.  The only thing I would say is that Lee’s vocals were a little softer off the back of hours and hours of singing, but I only noticed that due to having a gig to reference them against.  Visually the band didn’t really seem to relax until about half way through their set, this could be due to being first up which can be tough.  Once they got going though they seemed to have a lot of fun.  A few more gigs under their belts and I think they will really start to come into their own.

Let The Dust Settle

Let The Dust Settle

After The Enclave a hard rock band from Sittingbourne are a band I’ve photographed on a number of occasions now and reviewed once before fairly recently.  Again I will post the link to the previous review (RokanRolla gig 22/03/13) and say that this review is still entirely accurate.  The thing about After The Enclave is they are a very established band, gigging very regularly and their performance standards never drop.  They also never seem to get bored and enjoy every single gig they do.  Front man Micheal always puts on a show that will capture your attention with never a slip in the vocal delivery.  Adam has to be among the hardest rocking bassists I have seen, headbanging his way through a set which always provides amazing photo’s.  A great blend of hard rock and metal cascades from the stage and I dare you not to even nod your head!

After The Enclave

Jukebox Monkey another hard rock band from Kent and I have reviewed these guys once before also (RokanRolla gig 22/03/13) and wow what a review.  These guys play a particular brand of kick ass rock that really appeals.  Their visual performance smacks of a band that parties and rocks out hard.  There is not a band member that does not draw your focus at some point and this night was no exception.  Drummer Peter even climbed on board his kit at one point, living up to his nickname ‘Animal’ that I dubbed him last time.  Hard headbanging heavy riffs galore meant I came away with neck ache, quite happily.  Unusually I find these guys sound better live than recorded which isn’t a bad thing, not many bands are able to sound better live!  These guys are definitely going to be seen and heard of more and more on the circuit for sure!  Smashed it!

Jukebox Monkey

Jukebox Monkey

Crashgate are an established rock band from Deal and although I’ve photographed them once before I have never reviewed them live.  This was a set I was looking forward to, due to knowing that they would be performing some new material from their recently released debut album.  I’d heard the album from the comfort of my own home but there is nothing like seeing material like this live, the way its meant to be in my opinion!  It was evident from the start that these guys have been together sometime and they know what they are doing.  This maybe new material but the band played it tight with so much energy and vigor, they are proud of this stuff and they should be.  Clever lyrics, some great blood curdling ‘screaming’ bringing in a slightly metal element and the clear and extremely tuneful vocals of Craig make this a band more than pleasurable to watch and listen to.  Interaction with the audience makes the band even more alluring, drawing them in and making them step forward.  They gained new fans at this gig, I’m pretty sure they do at every gig!  Get along and see them very soon!



Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Let The Dust Settle – Weapons and War

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After The Enclave – Crucified 

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Jukebox Monkey – Airborne 

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Crashgate – As One 

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I seriously can’t say this enough… if you like what you hear, like what you see give these guys Facebook pages a quick like, 10 seconds, links provided and its great for them to know people appreciate what they are doing.  You also get to keep up to date with what they are doing, new music etc.

Here follows an extremely small amount of the photography taken from the night.  For the full gigs photography please head over to Facebook, this gig only!

Photo’s by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Crashgate Logo


Crashgate – As One

Yes you lucky people, Crashgate have given me their first single from their debut album for you to sample!

Band Members
Craig Sheridan – Vocals
Brian Andrews – Guitar / Screaming Vocals
Toby Dorman – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Shaun Roche – Bass
Richard Keeler – Drums

So this would be a perfectly timed feature article on Crashgate as they are launching their debut album “Crude Jokes Death Notes & Unicorns” in style with an album launch gig… all details to follow so no point me harping on about this when I have a poster that does it all for me.  All I will say is there are rumors that this gig is going to be all kinds of special… what I will do right here is give you the link to the Facebook album launch gig event which also includes details of a competition to win 2x tickets to the Album Launch – Crashgate t-shirt – Crashgate EP – Crashgate Album and a one off print of their album artwork signed by all the band.

Crashgate Album Launch Astor Edit

So I have a lot of info from the band to come… this band is one of the most motivated local bands around right now and that in itself should be enough to get them places, BIG places.  I could just place all the info they have sent me here, but I like to make things personal… otherwise what is the point?  So you are going to have to put up with me putting a bit more of my two penny worth in for a tiny bit longer.

I’ve actually only photographed Crashgate themselves as a band once so far (fairly early on in my gig photography career and pre equipment upgrade) with another gig for Below the Radar Events and Promotions at the Beer Cart Arms on 25th April 2013  already booked in.  I have also photographed Craig Sheridan (Vocals for Crashgate) performing an acoustic set for his solo project Craig Sheridan Musician Facebook and I have to say what an awesome bunch of lads they are.  Down to earth, always have time for their fans, do a lot of fund-raising for charity and extremely driven at promoting themselves.  Now musically I’m not going to say a lot about the track (see top of page) as I’ve passed the track over to Banned Reviews for a professional write-up.  I’m merely concentrating on the band itself… although I will add that I think this track is all kinds of awesome and am excited to hear what else they have to bring on this debut album!

The first single from Crude Jokes Death Notes and Unicorns is As One. A live favourite from their sets, this has received some studio treatment from Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios. From the moment you press play a chunky riff hits you right in the…

For full track review click here 

Now a bit from the band themselves



Crashgate were forged in early 2011 from well established musicians in and around Deal,
Kent. After some very shaky startings with a few lineup changes the band started
churning out music like no tomorrow and are closer to a family then just a band. Playing
every show with a passion and desire for what they do shown on stage, off stage, in their
writing and as people in general. Playing some amazing shows supporting bands such as
Orestea, Malefice and Unearth and playing some amazing London venues including
Nambucca Bar.

After releasing their debut EP on the 4th of October 2012 Crashgate have had worldwide
interest in their music and look to continue this trait indefinitely .
Crashgate aim to play as many shows as possible in Kent and have on occasion played
shows in London. Looking to spread their wings as far as feasibly possible to spread
their sound and please everyone.


Since October we played shows plugging and selling our Debut E.P., in November 2012 we went into the Studio with Oz Craggs of Hidden Track Studios in Folkestone and spent 9 days with him recording our Debut Album which was both interesting and a lot of fun but at the same time very testing at times to get things how we all wanted them and sounding great. You can see the studio diary on our YouTube which should be quite entertaining.

After that we have spent the last 2-3 months organizing and planning our Album Launch at the Astor Theatre from Buying Merch, Organizing some basic stage plans and the show itself to promoting it as much as possible, where possible, specifically with the release of the First Single from the Album ‘As One’. Its been a lot of time, effort and money on our part but looks like it is going to be very much worth it on the night and for some considerable time afterwards.

Obviously you already know Craig who is well established in his own right as a solo artist but this defiantly brings his more bad, aggressive and energetic side out. As for the rest of the band there is Keeler, our drummer, who has been with the band since the very early days with myself and Craig and we have worked endlessly keeping the rhythm part of the songs as tight, catchy and interesting as possible. Myself, Shaun being the Bass player again working very closely with Keeler for that tight rhythm that ties songs together. Brian and Toby who are the guitarists, who it took a little while at the very beginning but we found two committed and amazing lads to fill the slots of guitarist and are now both well into being in the band over a year and will continue with us on our journey together. There is no specific lead or rhythm guitarist as they both share these jobs in the writing and split everything for who would work that part of the song in a better or more interesting way.

All in all we’ve been going as a band for 2 years in March and this is what it’s all been towards and working for, an album that we can all be proud of that gets music into everyone’s ears to appreciate and in general be happier.

Any show offers or people who know of shows we could potentially be part of the bill for
please feel free to contact us below and have a chat.

Contact through

Official Web site
Crashgate Big Cartel

Official Music Video

Official Youtube w/Live Videos & Studio Diary

Here is a selection of tracks from various ROCK bands.  Like what you hear?  Check them out on Facebook, find a gig and go and support them!

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  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Escape the Ocean
  • Craig Sheridan
  • Vivid Nation

Ok so although on first glance this looks like a gig full of bands, in actual fact this was an evening of striped back bands and a chilled evening of acoustic sets.  What a night of really lovely pure music for a Monday evening.  The amazing Craig Sheridan (Crashgate) performed his last solo set for sometime and the awesome Vivid Nation still managed to rock it up a bit even in their striped back acoustic form and ended the evening with a real bang.  A truly pleasurable evening.

Hear track Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound
Find them on Facebook

Hear track Vivid Nation – You Just gave it away
Find them on Facebook

Official band website

Hear track Crashgate – b.o.b 1
Find them on Facebook
Find Craig’s solo music page on Facebook

Here follows a tiny snapshot of the evenings photography.  For full evenings photo’s please go to our Facebook, this gig only page