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PaRaDoX – Working Class

It’s always a bonding moment with a band when their lyrics sink into your skull and your first thought is ‘I hear you’.  This is something very likely to happen when you hear Paradox’s new single Working Class.  Out on the 3rd of June; Paradox sum up daily life succinctly and enjoyably, unless of course you object to being called crazy.

Laced with brit-pop overtones Working Class begins with a warm bass line before solid guitars jump in.  After the drums have joined the sonic bundle, Working Class is completed with sincere vocals that want to convey a message.  They talk about daily life and the problems people face, driving home the tale with ‘we’re all crazy now’.  Is it a new sentiment?  No, but it does have as much resonance now as it always did.

The music supports this message.  There are no bright vibes or uplifting guitar solos, instead Paradox have gone for moments.  These moments will make your ears smile.  The warm bass line and vocal breakdown keep Working Class fresh, as the ending creates an equally welcome surprize.  The pace shifts down a few gears as everyone in the band takes it down a notch.   The song doesn’t end though without one last burst of energy.

Is this the freshest thing your ears ever did taste?  No.  What it is however is a band making good honest music about the world we live in, something we can all enjoy and relate to.  On the 3rd of June go and hear Working Class for yourself.

Paradox on Facebook.

David Horn

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

Official Website (Hear the track on the website before its digital release on 3rd June 2013)

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After the Enclave – Lust, Lies & Controversy

After the Enclave – Crucified (track from the album)

And as Don’t Look Down kicks in …

Wait, I think I’m getting a little carried away.  Sittingbourne rockers After the Enclave have their E.P Lust, Lies & Controversy out and if you enjoy your music heavy and driven it’s liable to sweep you up.  The six track E.P is filled with fire, sincerity and craftsmanship.

Anyway, back to Don’t Look Down.  As the E.P opener Don’t Look Down vibrates the air around you you’re reminded of Oblivion at Alton Towers.  Pounding drums and an aggressive riff convince you to look down; unlike Oblivion however you like what’s coming – CrucifiedCrucified is the decent moment when you descend so fast you find it hard to breathe.  If your ears could breathe they’d find it hard as Crucified starts.  A fiery riff and powerful drumming turn into a steady surge of sounds as dark vocals climb through the cloud.  An instantly memorable chorus only adds to the track before a bass and drum led breakdown brings Crucified into another burst of energy.

Being In Hell.  This describes my time on Oblivion but is more importantly the second track on the Lust, Lies & Controversy E.P.  Being In Hell begins with a sinister riff which only picks up more dark swagger as it continues.  As the sinister riff and solid drumming continue the vocals add a sincere quality to the track.  Being In Hell  also features a moment of ear catching production and a bass solo before the track dies down like a wild fire running out of things to ignite.

These tracks show the nature of After the Enclave’s sound; a masterful balance between energy, atmosphere and song writing.  This is reflected in Tamed with it’s versatile vocals and big riff.  Once Again strikes you right in the ear hole with its dark groove a chorus that instantly sits in your brain.  You Can’t Leave ends the Lust, Lies & Controversy E.P on a big note as a menacing riff and demanding drums soundtrack a tale of desperation and denial.  It could also be the walk on music to a badass wrestler.  A brutal breakdown and one final chorus bring the E.P to a close.

Lust, Lies & Controversy is a strong E.P showcasing a highly talented and distinctive band.  After the Enclave know how they like to write and mess about with the format too much across the E.P.  Regardless, they know what they’re doing and they do it well.  Find Lust, Lies & Controversy for an E.P of strong songs, fierce music and skilled musicianship.

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David Horn

Review on behalf of GIGgle Pics

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics


Embryon – Embryon – Album Review

Embryon – Lost (track 07)

Genres.  Sometimes they can limit a band and sometimes they can diminish the enjoyment of a record.  But sometimes they can show an album’s quality and a band’s ability.  Kent band Embryon fall into this last group and have delivered a powerful and driven album.  Embryon’s self-titled album combines a classic feel with big riff driven music.

Don’t Believe begins the album.  A cloud of clocks and chimes start Don’t Believe before it quickly erupts into a big reaching riff.  Don’t Believe storms along on a wave of guitars and energy.  The guitars add an up-lifting but commanding element to the sound as strong drumming carries the track.  A powerful chorus instantly hooks your brain as the track asks you to question.  A drum led breakdown takes Don’t Believe into one last finish as Embryon show you what them and their sound are all about.

This sound is echoed in tracks such as Watch the Embers with its creative vocals and Lost with its soaring riff and seething vocals.  Thrill Kill shows the green, smashy and angry side to Embryon.  A charged and ominous riff combined with a sinister bass line drag Thrill Kill up from the depths and down your ears.  Versatile drumming only serves to make the takeover of your brain more complete.  A soaring solo brings the track into a bright finish as Thrill Kill charges to a close like a bull on a caffeine high.  Feed the Circle continues this darker and more menacing side to Embryon.  Feed the Circle launches into foreboding drums and a screeching riff.  The song’s anger grows as the vocals become more incensed and the whole band become more unrelenting and punishing.

Embryon aren’t all dark and malevolent however.  Voyager is a fast paced and energetic track with more pop hooks than a fishing net made of radios.  An infectious and powerful chorus removes all other words from your brain as it fills your head.  A classic and uplifting sound makes Voyager the ideal song to drive to.  It will instantly make you wish you were driving down a highway in the desert in a muscle car.

This is a good image to have, counteracting the dark and mournful sound of Devoid (Send Me Home).  Telling the story of a soldier from sign up to battle the mournful verse builds to a fiery chorus.  Crisp drumming completes the soundscape.  A complicated riff sends Devoid (Send Me Home) into its final verse as commanding gang vocals reinforce Embryon’s message.

Embryon’s album showcases the way riff driven rock should sound.  Mean Machine stands out on the album.  An acoustic opening turns into attention grabbing drumming as guitars create uplifting but dominant tones, finished with sincere vocals and a big final riff.  The album closer Temple has an expansive sound as it builds into an infectious and brain kidnapping beast.  As the build breaks, riffs and energy takes over.  Showcasing the whole band at their best Temple is a versatile and adaptable way to close the album.  Clone is dark and aggressive track.  Equally dark and ominous vocals combine with the guitars, drums and production to make a powerful slice of rock and roll.  A big chorus completes the mix to make this one of the album’s standout tracks and a song that must be even better live.

Embryon are a highly talented group of musician that do their craft very well.  They create songs that will drive forward dragging your ears behind you.  Embryon manage to celebrate a genre without sounding limited or indistinguishable.  Like your guitar music big and bold? Get on it!

David Horn

Reviewer on Behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Live gig review of Embryon at Beercart Arms 07.03.13 by Sarah Quinn

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Circle Of Reason FRONT ep artwork

Circle of Reason – These Hands and This Mind – EP Review

Everyone knows that I rarely cover EP reviews myself, usually handing them over to another of my reviewers.  However, when this dropped into my inbox with a request to cover myself, I could not refuse.  Having seen the band live and been lucky enough to receive a copy of their debut EP A Favour For A Stranger, I was pretty excited to hear what their second had to offer and it did not disappoint.

A prog-infused alternative rock band from Southampton that has already received a lot of attention.  Prog-infused is a great description because you will not find any long, unnecessarily drawn out tracks in here, that prog bands seem to favour.  What you will find is the awesomeness extracted from prog, condensed down and scrunched into the most amazing alternative rock, chugging, melodic sound you have heard.  I’m going to struggle with this review, I don’t struggle with reviews!  I’ve tried to work out why I’m struggling and I think it’s because I love it so much.  Sounds strange huh?  No, you worry that you will be able to do something you love enough justice, but I’ll give it a go!  I may end up splitting this review, a bit of technical and then a bit for those that just want to know what a song feels like!  It’s kind of what I do, so bare with, there is something for everyone.

Don’t Be Still – A track from the very opening that kicks into your skull… not in a harsh metal noise way, not at all.  It kicks off with the MOST amazing guitar riffs that rattle around your brain, solid drumming sitting behind it just to make sure the message is hammered in firmly.  Then something amazing and unexpected happens.  The most soft, but powerful, melodic vocal kicks in over the top that makes your jaw just drop.  Seconds later a harmony, a voice that is so perfectly matched its like butter to a crumpet.  This continues, with an amazing chugging guitar but also clean guitar in the background   The chugging just draws you in, hypnotising you into its structure, all the time supported by a strong drum rhythm and continual soaring melodic voices, that in a way should not fit the music.  The music has a kind of dirty grungy, rock out back drop to it and is lifted by such clean crisp melodic vocals.  Oh dear, I’m turning this into a review I don’t do, the technical reviews that ‘normal’s’ won’t read.  Not my intention… here’s your bit guys…  it makes my head just nod in a trance, it rips at my soul with the vocals, the words, yeah the lyrics, they are the bits that a lot of technical reviewers don’t look at.  A story is told here, a beautiful story that belies the chugs and hard rock sound behind it.  The voice fits the lyrics perfectly so listen… really listen!

Home – What a difference from the off.  This track starts with a vocal almost from very start.  If you was paying attention, you know that this is a beautiful melodic voice, hitting every note is strives for.  Behind it then deep and rhythmic drumming, no hard chugs and riffs.  Instead clean guitars.  Kick into around 1.15 minutes and here it comes, choppy guitar, power riffs but the harmonies.  That’s something you often don’t find in alt rock tracks, let alone prog-infused ones.  I feel I’m going to say less about this track but it’s actually my favourite.  I hate having favourites but it’s the one that just sits with me, pulls me to it, draws me in to listen again and again.  So soft and melodic then a power chug or riff just kicks behind it, building you higher and higher.   Again the drums are not predominant, just complimenting along with the occasional outburst that makes you sit up and pay attention.  Such a perfect blend is made on this track.  For me, this is THE ONE, perfection.  Remember at all times though, reviews are merely personal opinions.  So listen on, the next or one after…. may be your track!

Themes Among Thieves – Picking up the pace again this is the most hard hitting track of the EP.  The tracks pulls no punches from the very start, coming out of the starting blocks on a chugging drumming frenzy, before that voice carries over the top taking you on yet another journey.  The entire track is packed full of chonking power riffs, atmospheric guitars, it’s actually quite complex if you really listen.  The sound produced is hard hitting and punchy but the lyrics belie this with yet another beautiful story to be told.  These guys are good at this, lyrically every song on this EP is extremely strong, the words all meaningful.  Those of you that are fans of a heavier sound, this is the track for you.  It’s a real nod your head along track, a rock out track, a play it loud in your car track, but keep your eye on the speedometer as its sure to drive you faster and faster.

Novel – Keeping up the pace, this actually starts with a intricate guitar instrumental which is actually quite pretty, in a rock way!  Yes rock can be pretty, not hearts and flowers pretty, gritty pretty (oh dear I shall move on)!  Suddenly it surprises you, it drops levels stripping right back so soft and gentle and here come those amazing harmonies again.  You feel yourself drawn into the vocals when suddenly the chug of guitar kicks in again behind it, lifting it soaring again back into prog rock godliness.  This track didn’t hugely stand out for me the first couple of listens of the EP, don’t get me wrong because I loved all the tracks from the off.  However, a couple of listens down the line and it’s now a strong favourite of mine.  It drops, it rises, it switches and changes on you, it’s a surprise from the very start.  The strong intro leads you to believe this is going to be another power riff infused, fast paced track and it just switches out of on you.  Very cleverly put together, I found myself closing my eyes and allowing myself to become fully immersed in the intricateness, rising and falling with it.  Stunning.

Sleep – We move to the final track of the EP with sadness that the journey is coming to an end.  Soft, intricate, beautiful and deep from the very start, very apt end to where you have already been.  Something very different is coming at you, aptly named because you find yourself sort of floating along on another plane of consciousness with this one.  So beautiful are the instruments behind it, blending and morphing into each other, yet each still perfectly singular in their sound. Everything about this pulls you floating along with it, so soft, when the sudden now so familiar (I feel it’s become my best friend), chug and chop of guitars hit in.  Briefly, oh so briefly, dropping back to pure utter gentleness that pulls at your heart and then… it’s gone.  Finished, leaving me feeling a little bereft.  Now that is powerful stuff.

I know find myself having to draw some conclusions to this EP.  It’s been emotional for me and it’s not often I can say that.  I feel it’s taken me on a journey of emotions, the lyrics are very clever and so well written that everyone will find something in here that they can relate too.  To me this EP is perfection, an exquisite blend between soft and hard and I think there is something in there for just about everyone.  That’s clever and not easy achieved, to be able to appeal to so many.  The mastering is top class, a lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this, that much is clear.  In summary this is one they can be extremely proud of and after listening to it countless times, I need to fill the void it left and turn it on again!  I have one complaint about it… its just not long enough!

Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Release date:  Monday 29th July (Don’t forget this date and make sure you get a copy, you need this in your life).  Available through all digital outlets.

Band Members
Gary – Guitar; Simon – Singer/Guitar; Sam – Bass/Backing vocals; Andy – Drums.

FOR FANS OF: Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria, Soundgarden.  (Personally I feel it appeals far wider than this).

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You lucky people can have an preview of the greatness of this EP… the first track from it here:


Circle Of Reason promo shot



Black Sixteen – Sick – Track Review 

From Black Sixteen’s self-title debut EP comes this astonishing track – “Sick”

An opening riff that embeds into your brain in seconds. Creaking, groaning guitars and air raid sirens, this reviewer braced himself for an absolute epic of a track. Then the whispering Reznor-esque vocals appeared, building to the dark crescendo of the chorus.

“Every time I see her face, I wanna break yours”, powerful sentiment from frontman Amir, whose lyrics follow a similarly acidic theme throughout the whole EP. I felt myself instinctively nodding along with the track, not just in a bizarre reviewer-like appreciation of the music, but almost in a “yeah, I know what you’re going through” recognition of his pain. The almost ethereal keyboard shouldn’t work with such bitterness and such tight dark rhythms but it really does.

It would be easy for me to do my usual thing and compare this track to so many other artists. The band themselves say they are influenced by many different people, but it would wrong to then pick one and then the you, the listener, expect it to sound like them.

Black Sixteen have got a really unique sound here. I’ve just reviewed one track – I would urge you to listen to the whole EP.

Max Mann

Metal/Rock/Other Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Drop Down Smiling – Sign Here EP Review 

Put On A Show (track 1 from EP)

This is the debut EP from ‘Drop Down Smiling’ titled ‘Sign Here’. This was released on March 14 2013.
For those who do not know who Drop Down Smiling are, here is a quick introduction.

Drop Down Smiling describe themselves as a 4 piece contemporary rock/electronic outfit. Which after the hearing the EP fits their sound Perfectly.

Here is what the band say about their music:
“Drop Down Smiling’s music is both experimental and organic, with high-energy, high-octane performances mixing contemporary rock sounds with electronic samples and 4 part harmonies.”

So now the introductory is over it’s down to the review:

‘Sign Here’ features four tracks:

1. Put On A Show
2. Down From Your Sky
3. Time Slows Down
4. Why Should We Change

Put on a Show

The opening track for The EP is ‘Put on a Show’ starts with a sample which rises and falls with the guitar picking coming in after 2 bars with what sounds like a vocals put through a lot of effects the intro to the track builds up almost a sense of numbness. However the drums build come in to build this intro with a rhythmic almost military beat predominantly using the snare drum. 8 bars being teased by this steady but rhythmic use of the snare brings a sharp snap from this numb dream state the intro has evoked with the main body of the track kicking in and Kick in it does. A full ensemble of drums, rhythm guitar, lead and bass blast in both guitars being distorted and the bass featuring high in the mix give it a lot of power and that is not all on top of that the band throw in what I can only describe as the signature sound of the Band and that is of course there four part harmonies.

The song then follows a format of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown, chorus, and chorus/outro.

The verses strip back the sound to leave the drums and bass with the guitars removed I can now here the slight use of distortion on the bass which gives the verse a nice touch. The lead guitar is gently sitting in the background playing the same picked melody as in the intro. The vocals are very tamed for the first half of the verse which gives a nice contrast to the explosive intro/chorus but then in the second half they get more adventurous pushing the vocals with more feeling and adding harmonies.

The chorus is the same explosive part that I described from the intro however in between the harmonized ‘woahs’ the Vocals Contrast again with a non harmonised lead which is very tamed.

The breakdown is a very interesting one. As with most breakdowns it last 16 bars but unlike others which start off quiet to build to a crescendo for the outro of the track, this one starts quiet starts to build then surprises you by stripping back the instruments leaving nothing but the vocals at the end followed by a bar of silence before exploding into the chorus and then the outro which is a repeated chorus but with the vocals modified to show more feeling than the earlier tamed vocals.

This Track is a brilliant track for Opening the EP as it is very powerful.

The track follows a simple structure which will sit well with the commercial music folk but keeps the listener guessing by making good use of dynamics and harmonies switching between ‘piano’ in the verse & ‘forte’ in the chorus.

Down from your sky

The next track on the EP is ‘Down from your sky ‘ which when you hear it is the most Rock orientated track from the EP.
It starts with what sounds to be Feedback with an effect on it. The drums gentle come it and 4 bars later a small intro spanning another 4 bars brings us into the full body of the song with the same motif that the guitar played in the intro with full drums and rhythm backing from the bass.

Into the 1st verse which has the bass providing the main melody to which the vocals sings across with contrasting long notes . Then halfway through the vocals change to following the melody of the bass. The guitar is sitting in the background of the verse with a riff constructed of mainly 3 semi-quaver picked notes descending semi-tone then tone. The verse build to enter the chorus with heavy picking on the guitar and more prominent vocal harmonies.

The chorus is an assault from heavily distorted guitars, loud crashes from the drums and the vocalist pushing his vocals through the mix with emotion and power and to top it off there is a harmony which could be described as a ‘mini’ drone .

The 2nd verse follows the same structure of the 1st verse how ever with a strange harmony in falsetto which the does not appear much however breaks up the repeated lyrics that are used at the beginning of the 2nd verse.
The 2nd chorus is the same however follows into anew part of the chorus that use s the same motif from the guitar in the intro followed with a lead part at the end of each phrase that follows the melody of the vocals this minor touches make the overall feel of the chorus more ‘epic/heroic’.

We then see a small bass only part to lead into the 3rd verse which is a nice variation to the piece and gives a good contrast to the massively ‘epic’ chorus that proceeded it. The 3rd verse follows others in similar fashion with little variation. It then leads into another chorus that brings us to the interlude section.

This interlude features the guitar heavily and utilises the drums crashes to give it a powerful feel, the bass is playing the rhythm using a variation of the verse melody.

The guitar carries a lead part which then leads into a form of guitar harmonies that almost ‘swirl’ for it to end on the music fading and the vocalist emerging with a effect on his voice to lead into the final chorus where they bring back that ‘epic ‘ fell and climax on the bands signature multi-part harmony with the music fading before.

Down from your skies is a very good track and creates a very good feel of power and ‘epicness’, it also is by far the best track to follow on from ‘put on a show’ where you get a nice contrast between the softer song and the more rock song that is ‘down from your skies’.

Time slows Down

From the Title you would guess not a really fast paced track and you’d be right, the treat is very electronic biased as to its previous track which I said is more rock biased.

The track starts with an effected drum kit (most probably using tap echo) and has the main guitar riff on an acoustic (steel string) the vocals come in along with a very back sitting bass line. The vocals are very tamed and so are even the harmonies bringing on a very good feel of slow pace and carelessness this goes on for 1:23 I must admit for me that was a bit too long for nothing to have changed and I was just about to give up on the song however for those who like that feeling of getting lost in a song and having it drive them numb you in for a shock at 1:23 the drum lose its effect powers through the mix with a fill and the bass steps up to more central ground, there is a new riff I can’t tell if it’s on keys or a heavily effected guitar but it does very well at creating a contrasting ‘dream like melody’ across the powerful drums. The vocals then come in again for a second verse which is sung affettuoso build to the chorus.
The most notable change for the chorus is a more rock sound comes though with heavy distorted guitars and a big lead that follows the vocals which are very pushed into the higher range of the vocalist. Is big its crescendo it’s too expected and I found disappointing compared to their other two previous tracks.

The next verse follows the previous verses pattern however the acoustic has disappeared and an electric chordal riff (palm muted) has subtly replaced it in the background. The vocals come in and build for the next chorus which is the same as the previous chorus. Which follows into the same arrangements as the verse but the vocal melody changes slightly and the lose all emotion. This makes sense once the next section kicks in which is a contrast of heavy distorted guitars in a typical chordal rock riff and the vocals go back to affettuoso. It is by far the most interesting change in the song and adds a whole new level to the song, but a part of me does think that this may be unjust and that this simple rock contrast only seems interesting and amazing because the rest of the song is a bit drab but you’ll have to listen to the EP to make your own decisions.

The track finalises with a chorus where the beginning is delayed by a phrase leaving you four bars before it to appreciate the lead guitar.

This is a good track, and is loaded with so many technical features, but when you put is as track three after two amazing tracks on the EP it just doesn’t sound good anymore. It’s all very good writing amazing songs but you can’t throw them down on an EP, you need to consider how the previous and following song may affect the audience’s view of the track.

Why Should We Change

Why should we change is the Final Track and what a track it is, it sounds like a single track that could be released to the masses and be loved by everyone. To give a very short initial response it’s like ‘Enter Shikari’ but not as heavy.

The track starts with a Long sustained Synth Chord building in volume and a few samples in the background, the track then kicks in with a small drum fill some ‘stabs; from the guitars and bass, followed by synth on its own with a small filling melody which the all instruments come in to perform a small fast paced instrumental intro to the song.

The Verse is a combination of ‘piano’ and ‘forte’ it’s very on and then off, with the whole ensemble (including vocals) being involved one bar and then just the guitar in the next. The ensemble parts consist of big distorted guitars tight Bass and thunderous drums and pushed vocals. The ‘piano’ bits are just guitar ‘noodling’ a melody with ‘dry’ vocals over the top. The vocal arrangement consists of the signature multipart harmonies with ‘woes’ followed by pushed vocals with affettuoso.

The track then changes to a pre chorus taming the song by bring back the vocals and using acoustic guitars that are finger plucked, having the drummer ‘tickle’ the drum kit and then push the bass far down in the mix.

This creates a contrast for the chorus to smash into vocals burst in shortly followed by the whole ensemble. The chorus is short sweet nothing amazing but is phenomenally powerful and gets the job done. It utilizes affetuoso vocals, distorted guitars, heavy bass, big rock drums and a overlaying melody on the synth, absolutely fantastic.

The song then repeats a verse an chorus followed by a final verse and chorus to then ends with the same feeling as the intro. Long chordal synth a few samples in the background nice ‘oohs’ beneath the vocal melody which remains affettuoso and powerful to then silence.

This track by far the best on the EP and is my favourite and i would even say is the flagship track to the band, a selling point almost. It’s so technical and yet it sound so commercial which almost makes you want to believe that it is a simple song, it is so deceptive and keeps the audience guessing and thinking. Pure brilliance, Hats off on this one.


Overall a Good EP.

• Tracks 1,2 & 4 Amazing, Track 3 not so much.

• Good use of technical ability on songs but still keeping it tamed to be appealing to the masses.

• Artwork, Honestly I don’t understand its relevance to the tracks on the EP

• EP title, Same as Artwork.

So to the listeners if you haven’t heard ‘Drop Down Smiling’ you should they are good and have a very broad sound that should appeal to all mainstream music lovers. People, who are at the extreme ends of the music scale, may not like it so much but there are a lot of technical things so it’s still worth a listen by all.

To the Band You music is there it’s pretty solid, it’s varied, phenomenally technical and has a commercial sound to it. However you now need to work on presenting this amazing music, so my advice would be take more consideration with the artwork, EP name etc. Only then will your EP go from an EP with some amazing songs on it to an all out amazing EP altogether.

I am definitely expecting more Form ‘Drop Down Smiling’ in the future.

Toby Doorman

Rock/Metal Reviewer/Other Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Slam Cartel – Handful of Dreams – Track Review 

The title track from London / Kent band Slam Cartel’s debut album shows why they’ve been getting a fair bit of airplay on radio stations. Its very radio friendly but, and this is a good but, there’s evidence of a Nirvana fan in their songwriting midst too, as a few riffs remind me of Cobain’s circa Nevermind, some would say his lighter side.

Front man Gi (pronounced Jy) has got a rockstar wail on him, and having seen them a couple of times live, that wail matches his frontman persona and this track suits him to a tee.

The rhythm guitar, bass and drum trio work so in tune with each other that when guitarist Tom kicks in with the riffs and solos, it sends a little bit of a shiver down my spine.

The keyboards do get a little bit lost on this track, but what doesn’t get lost is the sense of the band trying to get their message across. “Handful of Dreams” (and no small amount of talent) and you’ll fly.

Hard Rock is flying with these guys on the scene

Max Mann

Rock/Metal/Other Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions