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So the third Friday Night Live at RokanRolla showed just how successful these evenings are becoming with a very busy venue.  So nice to see the local music scene thriving and people actually wanting to see live bands and why wouldn’t they when a gig is FREE!

First on lineup Witchdoctor.   A new band from Herne Bay consisting currently of 3 members due to the lost of their bass player, they describe themselves as psychedelic experimental progressive grungy jazzy punk rock shoegaze fusion.  Having recently had radio airplay which received a lot of very positive feedback, I was really looking forward to seeing these guys.  The sound of this band confuses me and I like that, it seems to confuse everyone but what did happen was, people talked about them after.  A number of bands names were thrown into the equation when I talked to people about their sound, The Kinks, The Hives, The White Stripes, Rush, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and even Sitar.  This was only the bands second gig and considering that, they put on a fantastic set of covers and original material.  They are currently looking for a bass player and I would say that I agree with this to beef the sound up a little.  Overall though an exciting new band with a sound that I haven’t heard from any other.  Most definitely one to watch!



The Fruit Group next.  A 3 piece band from Herne Bay, signed to DOUBLE DECKORDS, who describe themselves as Jam Band/Tropical/VitaminC genre.  I hadn’t ever seen or heard this band before this gig so had no idea what to expect.  I have to say I half expected them to turn up in Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian t-shirts and have a set covered in inflatable bananas.  That might not have been to far from the truth!  The vocalist did wear a nice brightly coloured shirt, but that aside, the music that came off stage had a ‘sunny’ sort of sound to it.  Feel good music that made you think of tropical beaches and warm sunshine!  Very nicely put together set from a talented band.

The Fruit Group

The Fruit Group

Escape the Ocean are a Progressive/Math Rock band from Deal who do what they do extremely well.  Well I’ve reviewed these guys before so will put in the link here for that review.  It’s pointless to keep saying the same things about a band, so I wont go over old ground.  I have to be totally honest and say that I’m not hugely knowledgeable about this genre but its very easy to know when a band are more than a bit good!  The fact that a band member from Feed the Rhino was in the crowd to watch them kind of speaks volumes.  The guys put on a really good set but to be honest they always do, the standard never seems to drop, they never seem to have an ‘off day’.  The equipment they put on stage looks like something from the future, all shiny and high tech and always draws comment from people watching.  A band with more energy than a Tasmanian devil and a sound more technical than the ‘big bang theory’.  Get to a gig and see them!

Escape the Ocean

Escape the Ocean

Moccasins a 4 piece Indie Rock band from Folkestone, very local boys!  These guys are pretty young and have  a strong following of fans that turn up to their gigs.  They are a very tight band with a unique sound, favoring reverb which makes the sound produced very rich.  The songs are extremely catchy and the fans know them off by heart, cheerily singing them back to the stage.  However, even if this is your first time watching them, you find yourself singing along to choruses of certain songs.  This is rock indie that you can’t help but love.  Take their ages aside and you still have an incredibly talented group of musicians.  I think this band will be heard of by a lot more and spreading their wings a little in the future.



Witchdoctor – Arnald Find them on Facebook

The Fruit Group   Find them on Facebook 

Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound Find them on Facebook

Moccasins – Find them on Facebook 

Here follows a very small amount of photography from the evening.  For full gig photo’s please go to Facebook, this page only 

  • Avenge Thee + Naime
  • After The Enclave
  • The 27s

Friday Night Live at RokanRolla in Folkestone saw something a little bit special.  Something that has only been seen a couple of times and will not be seen again.  Those who didn’t manage to get down to this gig really missed out.  A free night of quality live music, not something you get very often.

First on the line up was a band I had not seen live before.  The 27s describe themselves as Rock Alternative Post-Punk band from Maidstone and although they have been together some time now, with a member at university, they have not been gigging for sometime.  However, this didn’t really come across on stage with the quality of the music.  I would slightly disagree with the bands description of genre, although there were definite undertones of rock and post punk, on the night I felt they had an almost Brit Pop feel to them, the likes of Blur/Oasis at times.  The band put on a great set of covers and originals (more heavily weighted to originals) with a mix of mellow, chilled, melodic to upbeat and energetic.  Each song was very distinctive, producing a nice varied set.  It’s a shame these guys aren’t out gigging more but with one EP already released, they are looking at recording another very soon.  Check them out, I think you’ll like what you hear!

The 27s

The 27s

After The Enclave, a hard rock band from Sittingbourne are a band I have seen a few times now.  This is a band who do what they do, very well.  Lead vocalist/front man Micheal Stubbs has a pretty astounding voice and his visual performance draws you in like a mermaid calling to a sailor!  You can’t help but watch this frontman as he struts his stuff and rocks out in an appealing mix of head banging and confident rock stances.  Put this together with some awesome riffs, energetic drumming and you have yourself a real hard rock/metal set that I don’t think you could get tired or watching or hearing.

After the Enclave

After the Enclave

Avenge Thee + Naime, Metal/Experimental usually 2 drummer band from Canterbury.  With members Chester Bartholomew Weschke Boyd and Marc Prentice performing their last show, this was their last ever 3 drummer madness gig.  I’ve reviewed this band before so wont go and on again (see here for last review) but I will say this still remains the quirkiest metal band I have ever seen.  Words can not describe the madness that ensues.  This band is just as much about visual performance as they are sound and to walk into one of their sets can produce some shocked and amazed reactions.  Still one, if not ‘thee’ strongest bands on the scene for putting on a ‘show’,  I somehow do not feel that the new line up changes will detract any thing at all.  This is simply a band that everyone has to see once, even if metal is not your ‘thing’.  Before they perform you can feel an electrical charged buzz of anticipation building in the room which never seems to quite disperse.  An experience you will never forget!

Avenge Thee + Naime

Avenge Thee + Naime

The 27s – It Was Nice Knowing YouFind them on Facebook 


After The Enclave – Crucified Find them on Facebook


Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of the Horse Find them on Facebook 


Here follows a very, very small amount of the photography from the evening.  For full gigs photo’s, please got to Facebook, this gig only 

  • Go-Zilla
  • Up For The Let Down
  • Circle of Reason

Friday Night Live at the RokanRolla in Folkestone saw something a little bit special last week.  Andrew Kesby, local promoter put on a special birthday gig for himself, booking some amazing acts.  It was a slightly unusual, mixed line up with customers and music lovers being treated to a mix of Alternative Rock, Pop Punk and Dance Rock.

First up were the hugely talented Alternative Rock band from Southampton, Circle of Reason.  Not a band I had seen or heard before due to them not being local but wow, these guys are not to be missed.  Describing themselves as an Alt rock, prog, melodic, metal, indie band, it was clear that they were going to be something a little bit different and they didn’t disappoint.  Swinging seamlessly between heavy guitar riffs that would make even the most heavy metal band envious, to moving down tempo, while keeping the rock vibe, and becoming more melodic and strangely beautiful.  Lead vocals that simply captivates the audience attention range from being as smooth and warm as a hot chocolate on a winters day, to hard hitting with not a bum note in site.  Fearsome drumming and guitar riffs that simply make you just want to move your body and you have yourself a band that you want to see more and more off.  Engaging to watch and a really lovely bunch of guys!  Get out there and see them, you will be very surprised, I think they could turn anyone into fans of this genre.

Circle of Reason

Circle of Reason

Second came female fronted Pop Punk/Rock band from Medway, Up For The Let Down.  I have seen these guys before at the Beercart Arms in Canterbury but Friday night, they were on form!  Front woman Lex engages the audience in a way that is rarely seen, moving in and out of them offstage, while singling the odd member out for special attention.  I rarely see a crowd so engaged with a band at a gig, but these guys were even posing for photo’s with her during the set.  Lex produces strong punk vocals so crisp and clear you feel yourself being drawn like the lure of paddling your feet in cool soothing lake on a hot summers day.  The band produce and bang out some extremely catchy numbers, to the point I even found myself singing along at moments.  Combing fast guitars and a rarely seen female lead vocalist make this a band that you simply cant not like.  These guys are piling on the gigs at the moment so check them out on Facebook and go and show them some love!  You won’t regret it.

Up For The Let Down

Up For The Let Down

Last but by no means least came the Dance Rock band from London Go-Zilla.  I’ve seen these guys once before and reviewed them when they were actually really poorly lads, so was looking forward to seeing them again at their best.  Wow, they were at their best!  A very unusual genre of music and one that I actually found hard to categorise when I downloaded their free album, these guys put all the fun of a fairground into 30 minutes of jumping, dancing awesomeness.  Attaining a lot of attention recently from the likes of Kerrang and Front Magazine, it’s very easy to see why.  I don’t think there was one person in the venue that could not resist jumping up and dancing to these guys.  There music is more catchy than the flu virus and its clear that they LOVE what they do.  Dancing around on stage they look like they are having so much fun that you just want/need to join them.  You could never come away from one of their gigs feeling down or disappointed.  The buzz you get from watching this band should actually be available on prescription.  If you don’t go to one of their gigs, you are simply doing yourself a huge disservice in life.



Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics

Go-Zilla – Chasing Shadows

Find them on Facebook

Up For The Let Down – I Fear Sharks

Find them on Facebook

Circle of Reason – Chasing the Sun

Find them on Facebook

Here follows a very small amount of photography from the evening.  For full evenings photos, please go to Facebook page, this gig only

  • Eyes of the Innocent
  • Beg The Dead
  • With Open Arms

The RokanRolla‘s second ever Live Music Friday saw an interesting line up this week.  Hardcore!  These always make for interesting gigs and you would have been forgiven for thinking you had mistakenly walked into a tattoo and piercing convention when passing through the doors on Friday evening.

Each Friday see’s a different genre of music, 3 bands so I highly recommend you get down and check them out.  You never know when you will be seeing the next ‘big thing’, all bands start somewhere and we have an amazing local music scene out there.  I see so many really talented bands each week at different venues and it never fails to amaze me how badly attended some of these gigs can be.  Free gigs, gigs were entry fee is cheaper than the price of a pint… come on guys, get out there and discover new music!

Eyes of the Innocent – No Forgiveness 
Find them on Facebook 


Beg The Dead – Find them on Facebook 

With Open Arms – Deceivers 
Find them on Facebook 

Here follows a very small amount of the evenings photography.  For all the gigs photo’s please go to Facebook page, this gig only

  • ShyChlo
  • Third Place Victory
  • Sail On

So last night was the first ever Live Music Friday at the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue and brought a mixed line up of Pop Punk/Alt Rock/Hip Hop.  Although to be fair all three bands crossed over genre’s to a certain degree.  The evening went down well with the locals, seeing a busy bar and lots of movement on the dance floor.  Proof indeed there is a place for live music in every town!

First on line up, Sail On are a band I have not seen before.  Having had many line up changes and recently losing their vocalist ‘screamer’ the rest of the band managed to fill the loss well.  New vocalist/front man Gavin Aldhouse had a really great voice and once gains a little more confidence, will be a great addition to this lively/feisty/energetic band.  This was a really enjoyable set of pop punk as it should be, producing an all round good performance.  I would recommend going to see this band purely on the basis alone, that one of their guitarists leaps to heights on stage that would make even a kangaroo jealous.

Second on the line up, Third Place Victory an Alt Rock/Pop Punk band that I’ve seen a couple of times before.  Each and every time I see these guys take to the stage, they place a vision of what the set of Land of the Giants must have looked like into my brain.  Lead vocalist Mike Lloyd, towers above the other band members physically and has the stage presence to match.  Batting off heckles from an audience member in a way that both outwitted and allowed nothing further, Mike produced his usual strong performance.  Missing their cover of Sexy and I Know It which slightly disappointed, they produced a set of strong originals,  although not quite to their usual high standard.  Illness was evident to a degree and the band had to contend with the breaking of a lead/drum stick and string during their set but recovered well.  This aside, always a great band to watch with a unique style and I really enjoyed their set.

Headline act, ShyChlo came next.  Another band I have seen a number of times and I was slightly disappointed that they are still performing what would seem to be exactly the same set that I saw the very first time around.  Managing their own sound at all of their gigs shows the bands dedication to what they produce.  However, I found it slightly distracting to the performance when their manager/sound technician kept getting on and off stage to make minor adjustments.  To be fair this could have been more noticeable to me as I was was concentrating more on the visuals while trying to take photographs of the band.  All this aside, ShyChlo are very good at what they do and the audience were dancing and loving their set of covers from the likes of Dizzy Rascal.  Even I found myself moving to the rap dance tracks and general bouncing produced on stage.  This is a band who’s standard of performance never drops in any way, even with a vocalist suffering from flu.  An extremely distinctive sound that you could never fail to recognize as ShyChlo finished the evening in a fitting way!

A great night which brings high hopes for future Live Music Fridays at the venue.

Hear track ShyChlo – Wake Up
Find them on Facebook 
Official Website

Hear track Third Place Victory – X’s & Hex’s – 01 Bangarang 
Find them on Facebook 
Official Website 

Hear track Sail On – Things Are On The Up 
Find them on Facebook 

Here follows a very small amount of the photography taken on the night.  For the full evenings photo’s, please go to Facebook page, this gig only (worth it alone for the rest of the photo’s of Sail On’s guitarist jumping like a Springboc)


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  • Jukebox Monkey
  • Let The Dust Settle
  • All That We Know
  • Ian Day (Tank Trap)

New Music Thursday at the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue provided something more than a little bit special on this night.  Firstly it was going to be an exciting night because 3 of the acts playing I had never seen before and its always great to see new acts, secondly Ian Day from the mighty Tank Trap was performing an acoustic set!

So we start with Ian Day.  Now I’ve been fortunate enough to see Tank Trap live and photograph them at a small gig in Ashford at Platform 5 and that is a gig I will not forget in a hurry.  Therefore it was with slight trepidation that I prepared for Ian’s acoustic set.  I knew deep down that it would be good, with a voice like that it could be nothing else.  However, there was an edge of nerves as to whether his performance could be as great as when with his band. I really needn’t have worried.  Ian played an acoustic set of rock/bluesy covers including an amazing version of Hey Maggie, REM covers and a jaw dropping performance of Hallelujah.  Ian finished his set with a rendition of MMMBop by Hanson which he assured was for comic value, although knowing the words so well, I’m not entirely convinced!   Each song saw an eruption of applause from the audience who sat mesmerized by this stripped back, pure set of vocals and guitar.  Ian’s voice simply captivated the audience with a strong but at times slightly gravelly, pure sound that filled the huge venue with ease, such is the power of of his voice.  The only difference between an Ian Day acoustic performance and a Tank Trap performance for this lead singer, is an air of vulnerability when on stage performing alone.  Gone is the edgy confident persona and in its place something a little more vulnerable and unsure, which in itself is very charming.  All in all I have to say this was an incredible set that had the rock/heavy rock bands that were to follow sitting in total appreciation and they were not afraid to show it.  I would most definitely be seeking out an Ian Day acoustic gig to watch again on a personal level.

Next up saw a young covers band called All That They Know,  who have recently performed on Academy FM.  Still relatively new, having formed in August 2011 this trio feature covers ranging from Tiao Cruz through to John Lennon.  They are stepping into the studio in a couple of weeks on March the 12th to begin recording their debut EP.  This evening however saw rock covers of the likes of Kings of Leon, Artic Monkeys and Blink 182 to name few, although their set only ran for around 20 minutes in total.  The lead singer and guitarist Harley Johnson, if I’m honest, looked the most confident and comfortable in the band, settling in well to his performance.  I’m not entirely sure how many gigs this band have played together but they did at times appear to be nervous and lacking that real confidence and stage presence that draws an audience in.  This could also be due to the epic numbers that they chose to perform, as the likes of Sex is on Fire require a certain amount of  boldness and exuberance to pull off entirely credibly.  Still having said that, this is a band that I feel has potential for growth and with more performances together I feel they will develop a greater confidence that will enhance their stage performance and therefore the audiences appreciation.  One to watch!

Headline support act Let The Dust Settle are an originals Heavy Rock/Metal band from Tonbridge Wells, Kent. This band consists of 4 members and I have to say for me had a slight Motorhead feel about them.  Now when they first took to the stage I’ll be honest, I did not know what to expect.  These guys did not look like your stereotypical heavy rock/metal band apart from the Jack Daniels and Led Zepplin t-shirts on stage, the usual heavy tattoos, piercings or long headbanging hair were not really in sight.  I know slap on the wrist for the stereotyping… but well its just what I’m used to seeing.  However, what was evident from the very first bar is that looks can be deceiving.  The heavy riffs mixed with clear punchy vocals captured my attention from the very start and I soon found it hard to concentrate on photography due to feeling the need to to move!  By the time they came to the last song of their set, self titled Let The Dust Settle I did in fact find myself moving my head in a general nodding fashion along with the headbanging being produced on stage.  At the end of the set the guitarist simply announced to the audience “I’m a sweaty monkey” and it was quite apt really.  This band is full of energy with confidence that belies a real ‘gel’ in the band.  This is a band I need to see more of… not because I haven’t made up my mind, the opposite, I need to see them again!

Now on to the headliners Jukebox Monkey.  These guys describe themselves as ‘4 Guys playing bad-ass hard-rock’ and well, they are just what they say on the tin.  Having come highly recommended by another amazing hard rock/stoner metal band Stone Kings, I was expecting good things… I was not disappointed.  In fact I would go as far as to say that I got, amazing things!  This band showed what they were all about from the off, flying out of the box, no messing into a hard energetic rock set of pure headbanging and heavy riffs that I would defy anyone to stand still too, with an energy that is rarely seen these days.  It is very evident these guys have been together for a considerable amount of time and I am astonished that they have not progressed much further yet, or that I had not heard of them to date.  An extremely tight set and interaction on stage between members show how many gigs they have played together and wow, what a show they put on.  None of which compromises the amazing sound that come from the stage.  The drummer captured my attention from the very start, reminding me of Animal from the Muppet’s with his wild and enthusiastic method of drumming, which included, unusually, a cowbell!  I can honestly say that I would pay decent money to go and watch these guys and think they are destined for good/bigger things.  If bad-ass hard rock is what you are all about, you must get out there to one of their gigs, you will not be disappointed.  I recommend that you check these guys out on Facebook, give them a like and show them some love, after last nights performance, they deserve it!

Judging by the overall quality and standard of last nights gig, if the RokanRolla continue to produce such high standard evenings I can see their venue being packed out to capacity very soon.

Here follows a very small selection of photography from the night.  For the full evenings photo’s please go to my Facebook page, this gig only

Hear track Jukebox Monkeys – Airborne
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Let The Dust Settle – Weapons And War 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet
Find Ian on Facebook 
Find Tank Trap on Facebook 

Should be able to bring you tracks and links for Let The Dust Settle and All That We Know later today or in the next couple of days so please check back!

  • Insult
  • The Eyes
  • The Half Wits
  • Tres Camaradas

So a freezing cold Thursday evening saw a night of Punk and Rock hit the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue.  Now this was the first time that the RokanRolla venue had seen a full-on line up such as this and it was an evening that did not go entirely smoothly. Writing reviews for gigs can be extremely rewarding but equally at times it can be difficult.  The whole point of reviews is honesty, otherwise there is no point and to be honest I would be discredited pretty quickly if I was anything but.  This is one that I’ve not looked forward to writing because it involves a venue and bands that I work or have worked with on several occasions.  I’ve had to put some real thought into this and I think in fairness I will keep details to a minimum and try to focus on all the positives of the evening.

So first band up was Tres Camaradas, a local Rock/Punk band that is very new on the scene.  In fact last night was only their fourth ever gig but had I not been told this, I would never have known.  They performed a really tight set for a band that have performed so few gigs and if this is where they are at now, I can only say that the future holds bright things for them!  One to keep an eye on.

Next up were The Half Wits, another local band of pure Punk!  These guys have a devoted following on the scene already and it showed. This was not the first time I’ve photographed this band and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last.  Always exciting to work with as their aggressive Punk lyrics see their fans hit the floor in a big hard way… producing some amazing photo’s and an insight into the world of Punk.  On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that these guys and their fans are foul mouth yobs out to cause trouble (foul mouth may be right when it comes to the lyrics of course)… but this is exactly the type of generalization that gives certain genres an unfair and misunderstood reputation.  In fairness its hard and brutal music with even more brutal moves on the floor but this does not mean that it follows through in general.  These guys are awesome at what they do and if you are into your pure Punk… check them out!

Next followed The Eyes, a band that I can only describe as more Rock than their Hard Rock genre.  I’ve photographed this band on a few occasions now and they are exactly what they say on the tin… they also know how to party just as hard as they perform.  Being completely honest and they admitted this themselves, last night was not their best performance, seeing technical problems with equipment among other issues, but as Rock goes these guys know exactly what they are doing and always put on a full on show well worth watching!

Now to the headline band Insult…  well as the photo’s will show these guys were unable to play on the night.  As I mentioned earlier, the evening did not go off without incident and I will try to pass over the details as much as possible.  However, the fact that there was an altercation cannot be ignored as it was partly the reason the headline act was unable to play due to time running out.  It is not for me to pick apart the what’s and why’s of events, I have attended many a gig in the RokanRolla with no problems, I have photographed the bands on a few occasions, never with any problems… sometimes things just happen.  On this occasion Rock and Punk did not mix!

However, any problems were over extremely quickly and handled impeccably by door security, for which he should be commended.  Everyone involved calmed quickly and I feel it was no reflection on those involved…  it was just a real shame.

Insult are a local Old School Punk band, in fact the lads are from Folkestone and had a fair following of fans waiting to see them perform, so there was much disappointment all around.  For myself, their sets always produce great photography and so does their crowd.  In the interest of fairness, as I wasn’t able to get any photographs of them on their headline night, I will still place their track, link to Facebook and links to previous gigs photography I have done of them.  Again, if you are into your Punk, you must check these guys out as they really no how to do it in style!

As usual, here follows a very small amount of the evenings photography.  For the full evenings photo’s please go to Facebook, this gig only (well worth a look, lots of photo’s of both the fans and bands… Insult made it into the fans photo’s!)

Hear track Tres Camaradas – Sink 
Find them on Facebook
Download their full demo for free from soundcloud

Hear track The Half Wits – SOCIETY 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version) 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Insult – Face in the Mud 
Find them on Facebook

Find photo’s of these guys at previous gigs I’ve photographed here: Bar Below gig – Beer Cart Arms gig – Platform 5 gig