GIGglepics Logo 2012

Bringing you photography and music from the local music scene all in one place.  Like what you see and hear?  Get out there and find a gig and support  those artists and venues!

GIGglepics provides gig photography/reviews free, EP/Track Reviews by a team, promotion of bands and the original music scene, all genres!

GIGgle Pics has evolved massively since it first began as merely a gig photography page (hence the name). Now we write live gig reviews more than ever.

We are lucky enough to now have a team of EP/Track reviewers all within the industry/local scene for all genres.

We run a radio distribution list for bands/artists to get air play on 8 stations currently. We also give airplay on a monthly show, formerly called the Kent Sessions programme, this is about to become the monthly GIGgle Pics Podcast.

We run this blog which is now more popular than this Facebook page and hosts interviews with bands, tracks, gig reviews, track reviews, equipment reviews and other music related articles.

We are taking on other photographers, always need more reviewers and if you think you can or would like to be involved in ANY way, please get in touch.

Find us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/GIGglepics

Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/GIGglePics13

GIGgle Pics is pleased to announce it is now in partnership with:

Bare Bones Logo

Bare Bones Management is run by Donna Ashby and Adam Green. Both of them have a keen passion in music and the industry. With brilliant backgrounds and knowledge they are the ideal people for the job.

Our main aim at Bare Bones Management is to make you successful and we will be completely honest with you. We don’t have hidden strings attached like some companies, we know just how much of a pain that can be.

We can offer free photo shoots along with video recordings to say thank you for working with us. Along with this we may be able to provide you with some free flyers and posters to help promote your band.

We will do our very best to get you as many shows as possible ranging from your local area to across the UK on tours and maybe the odd festival appearance.

Along with this we will try and get you interviews and features on online blogs and possibly magazines, along with sending your songs to radio stations. As well as filming live acoustic videos and music videos so you have something for people to check you out and something to give your fans as well.

For every artist we work with we create a special plan of action suitable for the artist themselves, this will be discussed with us and the artist to make sure everyone is happy.

Here are Bare Bones we want to help as many artists as we possibly can. Right now we only have a few artists but we aim in the future to have a whole bunch or artists under our wing. We don’t have a certain genre of music we aim for when looking we artists. We just look for passionate and determined artists.

We also run our own live events under BBEVENTS which runs one sunday a month at INK BAR in Maidstone. Over this year we are hoping to spread our events across multiple venues to ensure success within the Live Music Scene as well as the Management side of things building up a team of other successful companies to work alongside us, to provide recordings, videos, photos, blogs, reviews, radio play, etc.. Feel free to contact us at adamgreen@barebonesmgmt.co.uk or donnaashby@barebones.co.uk, check out our website(s)

Official – http://www.barebonesmgmt.moonfruit.co.uk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bare-Bones-Management/510550012340360?fref=ts
Twitter – @barebonesmgmt


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