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Thursday 25th April 2013  another night at the Beer Cart Arms in Canterbury brought another really great line up of bands.  This venue always seems to bring the bands flooding in, eager to play and has built a great reputation in the local scene all round.

Let The Dust Settle are a heavy rock band from Tunbridge Wells in Kent who I have seen and reviewed once before.  Rather than cover old ground I will post the link here to the previous review (RokanRolla gig 28/02/13) and just give an updated opinion of this performance.  The previous review is well worth a read so head over and give it a quick browse.  If you’ve read it, you already know my thoughts on this band and a good idea of what they are about.  My previous observations still stand, they still have the heavy riffs and punchy vocals and I feel they have improved somewhat, which is always a bonus.  The guys are currently in the recording studio getting their debut EP down to bring to you all shortly.  The only thing I would say is that Lee’s vocals were a little softer off the back of hours and hours of singing, but I only noticed that due to having a gig to reference them against.  Visually the band didn’t really seem to relax until about half way through their set, this could be due to being first up which can be tough.  Once they got going though they seemed to have a lot of fun.  A few more gigs under their belts and I think they will really start to come into their own.

Let The Dust Settle

Let The Dust Settle

After The Enclave a hard rock band from Sittingbourne are a band I’ve photographed on a number of occasions now and reviewed once before fairly recently.  Again I will post the link to the previous review (RokanRolla gig 22/03/13) and say that this review is still entirely accurate.  The thing about After The Enclave is they are a very established band, gigging very regularly and their performance standards never drop.  They also never seem to get bored and enjoy every single gig they do.  Front man Micheal always puts on a show that will capture your attention with never a slip in the vocal delivery.  Adam has to be among the hardest rocking bassists I have seen, headbanging his way through a set which always provides amazing photo’s.  A great blend of hard rock and metal cascades from the stage and I dare you not to even nod your head!

After The Enclave

Jukebox Monkey another hard rock band from Kent and I have reviewed these guys once before also (RokanRolla gig 22/03/13) and wow what a review.  These guys play a particular brand of kick ass rock that really appeals.  Their visual performance smacks of a band that parties and rocks out hard.  There is not a band member that does not draw your focus at some point and this night was no exception.  Drummer Peter even climbed on board his kit at one point, living up to his nickname ‘Animal’ that I dubbed him last time.  Hard headbanging heavy riffs galore meant I came away with neck ache, quite happily.  Unusually I find these guys sound better live than recorded which isn’t a bad thing, not many bands are able to sound better live!  These guys are definitely going to be seen and heard of more and more on the circuit for sure!  Smashed it!

Jukebox Monkey

Jukebox Monkey

Crashgate are an established rock band from Deal and although I’ve photographed them once before I have never reviewed them live.  This was a set I was looking forward to, due to knowing that they would be performing some new material from their recently released debut album.  I’d heard the album from the comfort of my own home but there is nothing like seeing material like this live, the way its meant to be in my opinion!  It was evident from the start that these guys have been together sometime and they know what they are doing.  This maybe new material but the band played it tight with so much energy and vigor, they are proud of this stuff and they should be.  Clever lyrics, some great blood curdling ‘screaming’ bringing in a slightly metal element and the clear and extremely tuneful vocals of Craig make this a band more than pleasurable to watch and listen to.  Interaction with the audience makes the band even more alluring, drawing them in and making them step forward.  They gained new fans at this gig, I’m pretty sure they do at every gig!  Get along and see them very soon!



Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Let The Dust Settle – Weapons and War

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After The Enclave – Crucified 

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Jukebox Monkey – Airborne 

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Crashgate – As One 

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I seriously can’t say this enough… if you like what you hear, like what you see give these guys Facebook pages a quick like, 10 seconds, links provided and its great for them to know people appreciate what they are doing.  You also get to keep up to date with what they are doing, new music etc.

Here follows an extremely small amount of the photography taken from the night.  For the full gigs photography please head over to Facebook, this gig only!

Photo’s by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

  • Avenge Thee + Naime
  • After The Enclave
  • The 27s

Friday Night Live at RokanRolla in Folkestone saw something a little bit special.  Something that has only been seen a couple of times and will not be seen again.  Those who didn’t manage to get down to this gig really missed out.  A free night of quality live music, not something you get very often.

First on the line up was a band I had not seen live before.  The 27s describe themselves as Rock Alternative Post-Punk band from Maidstone and although they have been together some time now, with a member at university, they have not been gigging for sometime.  However, this didn’t really come across on stage with the quality of the music.  I would slightly disagree with the bands description of genre, although there were definite undertones of rock and post punk, on the night I felt they had an almost Brit Pop feel to them, the likes of Blur/Oasis at times.  The band put on a great set of covers and originals (more heavily weighted to originals) with a mix of mellow, chilled, melodic to upbeat and energetic.  Each song was very distinctive, producing a nice varied set.  It’s a shame these guys aren’t out gigging more but with one EP already released, they are looking at recording another very soon.  Check them out, I think you’ll like what you hear!

The 27s

The 27s

After The Enclave, a hard rock band from Sittingbourne are a band I have seen a few times now.  This is a band who do what they do, very well.  Lead vocalist/front man Micheal Stubbs has a pretty astounding voice and his visual performance draws you in like a mermaid calling to a sailor!  You can’t help but watch this frontman as he struts his stuff and rocks out in an appealing mix of head banging and confident rock stances.  Put this together with some awesome riffs, energetic drumming and you have yourself a real hard rock/metal set that I don’t think you could get tired or watching or hearing.

After the Enclave

After the Enclave

Avenge Thee + Naime, Metal/Experimental usually 2 drummer band from Canterbury.  With members Chester Bartholomew Weschke Boyd and Marc Prentice performing their last show, this was their last ever 3 drummer madness gig.  I’ve reviewed this band before so wont go and on again (see here for last review) but I will say this still remains the quirkiest metal band I have ever seen.  Words can not describe the madness that ensues.  This band is just as much about visual performance as they are sound and to walk into one of their sets can produce some shocked and amazed reactions.  Still one, if not ‘thee’ strongest bands on the scene for putting on a ‘show’,  I somehow do not feel that the new line up changes will detract any thing at all.  This is simply a band that everyone has to see once, even if metal is not your ‘thing’.  Before they perform you can feel an electrical charged buzz of anticipation building in the room which never seems to quite disperse.  An experience you will never forget!

Avenge Thee + Naime

Avenge Thee + Naime

The 27s – It Was Nice Knowing YouFind them on Facebook 


After The Enclave – Crucified Find them on Facebook


Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of the Horse Find them on Facebook 


Here follows a very, very small amount of the photography from the evening.  For full gigs photo’s, please got to Facebook, this gig only 

Here is a selection of tracks from various ROCK bands.  Like what you hear?  Check them out on Facebook, find a gig and go and support them!

If you search for a band in the search box in the left column of the blog, you will find their blog posts, with photography, Facebook and in some cases website and YouTube links.  Also any featured band articles if relevant.  Just click on the links to hear a track:

  1. Common Outlaw – Better OffFind on Facebook
  2. Benzokayn – God Mode (Rock band from Kent) – Find on Facebook 
  3. The Grey Areas- Grey Sky Thinking
  4. Brocker – A Quiet One (Rock/Punk/Ska band from Hertfordshire) – Find on Facebook 
  5. HighDrant – Blame (Hard Rock n’ Roll band from South East London)  – Find on Facebook 
  6. The 27s – It Was Nice Knowing YouFind on Facebook
  7. City of Ashes – Falling Star – Find on Facebook 
  8. Flame Pilots – Stolen Time (Acoustic/Rock band from Whitstable, Kent) – Find on Myspace (more songs to listen to, gig details etc) – Find on Facebook 
  9. Embryon – Lost – Find on Facebook
  10. Circle of Reason – Chasing the Sun  – Find on Facebook
  11. XUP-SUP  – Lonely Night (POP/PUNK/ROCK band from Hastings) – Find on Facebook 
  12. Slam Cartel – Handful of Dreams – Find on Facebook 
  13. Fighting for Alpha – ROSES (Rock/Indie band from Tunbridge Wells) – Find on Facebook 
  14. UGLY LOVE – OH NO HERE COME THE SPACE HAWKS (Rock punk band from Royal Tunbridge Wells) – Find on Facebook 
  15. WITCHDOCTOR – Arnald  (Rock/Punk band from Herne Bay) – Find on Facebook
  16. SPiT LiKE THiS – Sick – Find on Facebook 
  17. COLT45 – Chasing Yesterday EP (2011) – 01 Chasing Yesterday – Find on Facebook 
  18. One Day Elliott – So Far, So Good – Find on Facebook 
  19. Let The Dust Settle – Weapons And War – Find on Facebook 
  20. The Rebecca Riots – How To Disfigure A Peacock (Adult – is the only description this band gives themselves from Canterbury – head over to Facebook, give them a  like and download their free EP) Find on Facebook 
  21. Jukebox Monkeys – Airborne – Find on Facebook 
  22. CzechMate – With Me (Alternative Rock band from South-East) – Find on Facebook 
  23. Trixie Lectric – Feeling good (cover) (Grunge/Rock all girl covers band from Folkestone) – Find on Facebook 
  24. TST – MR NOBODY (MASTER) (Heavy Rock/Metal from Kent – The Self-Titled) – Find on Facebook 
  25. Tres Camaradas – Sink – Find on Facebook 
  26. IRIS – Lie For Me – Find on Facebook 
  27. Wheres Billy – Aches, Pains & The Quiet Life – Find on Facebook 
  28. Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet – Find on Facebook 
  29. Electric River – Hold Your Nerve – Find on Facebook 
  30. Silas – Art Of The Cure – Find on Facebook 
  31. Crashgate – b.o.b 1 – Find on Facebook 
  32. Vivid Nation – You Just gave it away – Find on Facebook 
  33. Melic – Nowhere I’d Rather Be  (Rock-Funk-Acoustic band signed to Beatnik Geek Records) – Find on Facebook 
  34. The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version) – Website 
  35. Rexon – Brother in arms – Find on Facebook 
  36. Yamaharahara – Ribbons – Find on Facebook 
  37. Left Of The Right Side – Skyward – Find on Facebook 
  38. Nylon Tigers – Heartbeat (Classic and contemporary Rock band of covers and orginal material from Thanet) – Find on Facebook 
  39. After the Enclave – Crucified – Find on Facebook 
  40. Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound – Find on Facebook 
  41. The Only Sun – Gone (Rock/Folk band from Gillingham) – Find on Facebook 
  42. We Buy Gold – Ron’s Room (Rock/Post Punk band from London – record of week BBC Introducing Kent) – Find on Facebook 
  43. ShyChlo – Wake Up – Find on Facebook 
  44. Wires Faulty – Dirty Little Devil – Find on Facebook 
  45. Third Place Victory – X’s & Hex’s – 01 Bangarang – Find on Facebook 
  46. 48 Hours – Hollow – Find on Facebook 
  47. Brad Pittance and the Pirates – Sunlight (Rock band from Thanet) – Find on Facebook 
  48. User Friendly – Solid as rock – Find on Facebook 
  49. Topaz – Lonely_Boy – Website 

For more tracks in this genre from bands/artist not yet worked with, but just as awesome… please click here

  • 48 Hours
  • After the Enclave
  • Predicting the Fall

So another Below the Radar Events and Promotions gig at the awesome Beercart Arms venue brought a line up of 3 bands.  There was supposed to be 4 but for some reason Anchors Down had to pull out.  However, the 3 bands that did play did an totally amazing job at entertaining and extended their set lists to entertain the crowd!

A small sample of the evenings photography follows, for the full line up please go to our faceboook, this gig only page or for all Beercart Arms photography on our Flickr 

Hear track After the Enclave – Crucified
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Hear track 01 – Hollow – 48Hours – Secrets EP (1)
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  • Insult
  • Escape the Ocean
  • After the Enclave
  • Mistiksin

For a full review of the evening and bands that played, please go to this amazing young writers blog.  I have the pleasure of working with him on a regular basis and he kindly uses my photography on his blog gig reviews, hit him up and read what an awesome gig this was and a real feel for the bands that played, here

Such a fun gig as the photo’s will allow.  Small taster of the photo’s taken on this night provided below.  For all the gig photo’s from the night please go to our facebook.  Link here to facebook, this gig only

or high resolution on flickr: all bar below gig photo’s

Hear bands track:  After the Enclave – Crucified
Find the band on facebook here

Hear bands track: Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound
Find the band on facebook
Buy their track on iTunes and find all info regarding the band here: Website

Hear bands track: Insult – Face in the Mud
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