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Go-Zilla – Self Titled – Album Review

Go-Zilla – Chasing Shadows – track from Self Titled album

An energetic fuse of electronic and rock similar to the likes of Enter Shikari, Pendulum and The Prodigy; Go-Zilla have created a blizzard of a sound scape, fuelled by synths, bass lines and guitars with extremely catchy vocals as demonstrated on their debut album “Self-Titled”.

Opening the album with an instrumental build up, quickly descending into a drop, the band introduces the intensity of their synths, their driving energy and their dance-like qualities, breaking into first song “Camden Queen”. Playing seriously anthemic songs such as “Camden Queen” and “Wolfpack” are the band’s strongest feature, as it is clear that Go-Zilla would be an amazing live-band, one to really get the audiences going, placing them in an energetic trance. With a nod towards a more pop sound, their music could appeal to a extensive range of listeners.

You can hear Go-Zilla’s wide range of influences especially on “Chasing Shadows” which jumps between rap, spoken word, melodic vocals, distorted guitar riffs and electronic wobs, whilst playing around with tempos.

The album almost takes you on a journey, as aggressive “What Would You Give” moves into highly contrasting “Don’t wait for me”, which gives the album a chance to breath. Beginning with a beautiful soft whirling of guitars, soft synth playing, and expressive vocals, then alternation between built up synth moments, and stripped back acoustic guitars and vocals, “Don’t Wait for Me” brings elements of calamity, especially in vocal style, which carries into the next track “Keep Breathing”. Changing the mood again, there is the mostly electronic “The Rise” which could almost feature as the soundtrack for a robotic army marching through a city.

“Self-Titled” reflects that band’s many qualities, diving into an electronic rollercoaster, with head nodding energy throughout. Go-Zilla are a band that should definitely be seen live.

Annie Mackinnon

Rock/Indie/Acoustic Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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