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Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of The Horse – Track Review

So yesterday, (Friday 31st May 2013) I had the pleasure of playing with these guys and actually hearing this track in a live environment!  Now these guys are different to most generic bands in the fact they have 2 drummers!  The way that they work together as a whole band is truly amazing and this track really sums it up! It starts off slowly building into, what you can feel, to be a massive burst of energy and when that is realised, there’s no holding back!  With a crunching riff throughout and the bass crushing through the mix, you can really feel the emotion in the song, especially with the added vocals which just attack you straight out! The raw power of this track recorded and live is just killer and you can’t help but bang your head!  Much love for these guys as people and as a band and can’t wait for even more!

Tommy Rogers

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics



The Mannie Roobs – Ivory Fields EP Review

By Matt ‘Sharky’ Finn

The Mannie Roobs – Ivory Fields (track from EP)

The Mannie Roobs are folk song writing duo Robyn Kinnersley and Annie Mackinnon. They have recorded their first EP entitled ‘Ivory Fields’, which they wrote, mixed, mastered and produced entirely themselves, recording their material using a make shift studio in their bedroom and uploading tracks. Inspired by the likes of Angus and Julia Stone, Bon Iver, Damien Rice and Daughter their tracks have a maturity, which surpasses their ages. Their youth and innocence, their quirky and ethereal sounds made this EP a pleasure to listen to, again and again!

Track By Track:

Broken Balloon

Beautiful guitar skills, layered in such a way to create many textures. The use of a solid rhythmic base, with a use of subtle lead guitar underneath, the lead vocals build a harmonious melody over the top of the entire track. Just when you think that no more layers could be added, a vocal harmony kicks in over the top. A complex track that is filled with swells and calm moments, which add to the overall feel of the track.

Crayola thief

Beautifully picked opening to the track, with a single lead vocal over the top. The chorus builds into a strummed rhythmic guitar, with an interesting rhythmic solo as a break. A quirky and interesting track with much to offer.


Well played picked opening to this track. Another single lead vocal. Use of an effected electric guitar, adds an almost ethereal value to the track. As the track builds to its conclusion, the use of layering adds to this quality drawing the listener into the track more.


The use of both a strummed and picked opening separates this track from the previous two. The addition of a harmony during the chorus, with a lead solo on a guitar with a small amount of distortion throughout, makes for a more complex track, with a rockier feel than previous tracks, while maintaining the unique nature of their overall sound.

Ivory Fields

The EP’s title track, opens again with picking and strumming guitars, and the use of a single female vocal, but does not fail to surprise upon reaching the chorus. The use of the harmony is brought back, however the addition of a beat, brings a new quality to the track, something which makes the track appear more polished and possibly more accessible.

Patchwork Me

A use of piano as an opener to this track pricked my ears up on first listen, and once the vocals and guitar came in I was hooked. A strong track from beginning to end, relying on the good mix of the piano hooks and vocal melody, allowing the guitar to provide soft accompaniment to the track, very much in keeping with the quirky and ethereal quality I believe the band were going for.

Tickled Blue

The final track was filled with the same qualities as other tracks on the EP, opening with a mixture of picked and strummed guitar, and the use of a lead vocal, building as a vocal harmony is added later into the track, as well as a guitar lead part. Another pleasant track, which was fast paced and well constructed, with greatuse of the many tools in these girls arsenal.

Matt ‘Sharky’ Finn

Acoustic Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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PaRaDoX – Working Class

It’s always a bonding moment with a band when their lyrics sink into your skull and your first thought is ‘I hear you’.  This is something very likely to happen when you hear Paradox’s new single Working Class.  Out on the 3rd of June; Paradox sum up daily life succinctly and enjoyably, unless of course you object to being called crazy.

Laced with brit-pop overtones Working Class begins with a warm bass line before solid guitars jump in.  After the drums have joined the sonic bundle, Working Class is completed with sincere vocals that want to convey a message.  They talk about daily life and the problems people face, driving home the tale with ‘we’re all crazy now’.  Is it a new sentiment?  No, but it does have as much resonance now as it always did.

The music supports this message.  There are no bright vibes or uplifting guitar solos, instead Paradox have gone for moments.  These moments will make your ears smile.  The warm bass line and vocal breakdown keep Working Class fresh, as the ending creates an equally welcome surprize.  The pace shifts down a few gears as everyone in the band takes it down a notch.   The song doesn’t end though without one last burst of energy.

Is this the freshest thing your ears ever did taste?  No.  What it is however is a band making good honest music about the world we live in, something we can all enjoy and relate to.  On the 3rd of June go and hear Working Class for yourself.

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David Horn

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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After the Enclave – Lust, Lies & Controversy

After the Enclave – Crucified (track from the album)

And as Don’t Look Down kicks in …

Wait, I think I’m getting a little carried away.  Sittingbourne rockers After the Enclave have their E.P Lust, Lies & Controversy out and if you enjoy your music heavy and driven it’s liable to sweep you up.  The six track E.P is filled with fire, sincerity and craftsmanship.

Anyway, back to Don’t Look Down.  As the E.P opener Don’t Look Down vibrates the air around you you’re reminded of Oblivion at Alton Towers.  Pounding drums and an aggressive riff convince you to look down; unlike Oblivion however you like what’s coming – CrucifiedCrucified is the decent moment when you descend so fast you find it hard to breathe.  If your ears could breathe they’d find it hard as Crucified starts.  A fiery riff and powerful drumming turn into a steady surge of sounds as dark vocals climb through the cloud.  An instantly memorable chorus only adds to the track before a bass and drum led breakdown brings Crucified into another burst of energy.

Being In Hell.  This describes my time on Oblivion but is more importantly the second track on the Lust, Lies & Controversy E.P.  Being In Hell begins with a sinister riff which only picks up more dark swagger as it continues.  As the sinister riff and solid drumming continue the vocals add a sincere quality to the track.  Being In Hell  also features a moment of ear catching production and a bass solo before the track dies down like a wild fire running out of things to ignite.

These tracks show the nature of After the Enclave’s sound; a masterful balance between energy, atmosphere and song writing.  This is reflected in Tamed with it’s versatile vocals and big riff.  Once Again strikes you right in the ear hole with its dark groove a chorus that instantly sits in your brain.  You Can’t Leave ends the Lust, Lies & Controversy E.P on a big note as a menacing riff and demanding drums soundtrack a tale of desperation and denial.  It could also be the walk on music to a badass wrestler.  A brutal breakdown and one final chorus bring the E.P to a close.

Lust, Lies & Controversy is a strong E.P showcasing a highly talented and distinctive band.  After the Enclave know how they like to write and mess about with the format too much across the E.P.  Regardless, they know what they’re doing and they do it well.  Find Lust, Lies & Controversy for an E.P of strong songs, fierce music and skilled musicianship.

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David Horn

Review on behalf of GIGgle Pics

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics


Optional Rubber Duck –The River Run Sessions – EP Review

This is my two track EP review for Maidstone’s pop punk masters Optional Rubber Duck.

Jackie Chan – The first track on the EP is named after a martial arts legend and what a track this is. The lyrics are hilarious with the most put downs I think I have ever heard in a single track for example ‘can you smile for me please, cos I know it seems quite hard, you don’t deserve to hold my hand or even a Christmas card’. The vocals are clear and crisp and the guitars are full of pure distortion. The chorus is very memorable and catchy ‘you’re giving me a mental cramp, taking more than you can, you dance like a retard and your real name is Jackie Chan, GO JACKIE GO!’. Straight after the chorus comes the famous guitar riff which was also used on the Vapours track ‘Turning Japanese’.

The bridge of the song is a fast loud wave of distorted power chords played swiftly until its back onto that familiar chorus again, a real enjoyable track.

My Kingdom – This track starts off with some palm muting on the guitars but then blasts out to a great sounding solo overlay which for me is the memorable part of this track. The vocals sing about blood, sweat and tears shed to be king of a kingdom. In my opinion this song lacks a few hooks compared to the previous track but then I guess that does place the bar pretty high as it is a great track. There is some great guitar work on show here and the drummer doesn’t miss a beat.

Midway through and we get the bridge which starts with the bass going solo only for the other instruments to build up to the last verse and chorus. The song then uses the old fashioned style of fading the song out which I haven’t heard for some time but it’s a nice change.

All in all the two tracks sit nicely beside each other. The song writing is clever and well written. For me it’s just a shame the second track is not as strong as the first one but even still these guys rock and definitely know how to write a good punk song.

Dan Martin Brown

Punk/Pop Punk Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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The Kimberly Steaks – Cleavers/The Kimberly Steaks spilt 7” – Track Reviews 

The Kimberly Steaks are a punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. This is my review of their three track EP.

The first thing I will have to say about this EP is the length. This is an extremely short EP with three tracks clocking up about three minutes in total, which is shorter than many single tracks I have reviewed. There is a reason for this however. These guys play fast, incredibly fast; it’s definitely high adrenalin stuff. The vocalist does extremely well fitting the words into tiny spaces with just enough room to take a breath.

The first track is called ‘No Brainer’ and is really just a twenty second introduction with the song going straight in at one hundred miles per hour, this really is speed punk. Next comes my personal favourite on the EP ‘Fix My Head’ which begins with a great fiddly guitar overlay intro and then it’s back to the break neck speed again. The chorus is a catchy one with a repeat of ‘I just need a little time to fix my head’. A shout out must go out to the drummer because with beats beating played this fast he must have a real strong pain barrier. The final track on the EP is called ‘Lonesome Surprise’ which again starts off with a catchy little guitar introduction. The chorus on this one is very similar to the previous track with a repeat of ‘It’s a lonesome surprise’ sung various times. The repeats of words like this on choruses make it easy to sing a long and sticks in the mind.

To summarise this EP I would say The Kimberly Steaks really know how to play fast. The instruments gel perfectly and the singers voice suits the style perfectly. The only downside is that the songs are played so fast its sometimes difficult picking out the lyrics in the songs. The EP is over very quickly but if you like your punk played at high tempo then you will definitely be pressing repeat a few times.

Dan Martin Brown

Punk/Pop Punk Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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EP Review – The False Flag Agenda by 44 Fires

44 Fires – Corporate Lies (not from this EP)

From the hornet buzz of guitar that kicks off lead track “Army Beside Me” it is obvious that London based Hard Rockers 44 Fires have a bee in their bonnet and are not afraid to shout about it!  The main guitar riff brings to mind Tom Morello in its deceptive simplicity and with  powerful  grungy chorus it’s a well-timed call to arms for the disaffected.

Second track “Idiot” is slightly more strait-up rock with a metal edge.  It reminded me a little of Judas Priest for a modern era, spitting angst and venom in the direction of the subject.  Simple in execution yet effective and bound to cause many mosh pits to go crazy with its sing-along chorus.

“Freedom” finishes off the EP with an intro reminiscent of classic ‘Maiden’ before pushing into some seriously rocking power chord riffs.  A track full of suspenseful mood changes in the music and with a ball-crushing chorus, but the lyrics in the verses somehow seemed disingenuous with the rest of the sound.

A fine effort that will no doubt strike a chord with many and that promises great things for their forthcoming album

Stand out track; Army Beside Me

Score – 7.5/10

Mike Richardson

Metal/Rock Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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