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Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of The Horse – Track Review

So yesterday, (Friday 31st May 2013) I had the pleasure of playing with these guys and actually hearing this track in a live environment!  Now these guys are different to most generic bands in the fact they have 2 drummers!  The way that they work together as a whole band is truly amazing and this track really sums it up! It starts off slowly building into, what you can feel, to be a massive burst of energy and when that is realised, there’s no holding back!  With a crunching riff throughout and the bass crushing through the mix, you can really feel the emotion in the song, especially with the added vocals which just attack you straight out! The raw power of this track recorded and live is just killer and you can’t help but bang your head!  Much love for these guys as people and as a band and can’t wait for even more!

Tommy Rogers

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics



EP Review – The False Flag Agenda by 44 Fires

44 Fires – Corporate Lies (not from this EP)

From the hornet buzz of guitar that kicks off lead track “Army Beside Me” it is obvious that London based Hard Rockers 44 Fires have a bee in their bonnet and are not afraid to shout about it!  The main guitar riff brings to mind Tom Morello in its deceptive simplicity and with  powerful  grungy chorus it’s a well-timed call to arms for the disaffected.

Second track “Idiot” is slightly more strait-up rock with a metal edge.  It reminded me a little of Judas Priest for a modern era, spitting angst and venom in the direction of the subject.  Simple in execution yet effective and bound to cause many mosh pits to go crazy with its sing-along chorus.

“Freedom” finishes off the EP with an intro reminiscent of classic ‘Maiden’ before pushing into some seriously rocking power chord riffs.  A track full of suspenseful mood changes in the music and with a ball-crushing chorus, but the lyrics in the verses somehow seemed disingenuous with the rest of the sound.

A fine effort that will no doubt strike a chord with many and that promises great things for their forthcoming album

Stand out track; Army Beside Me

Score – 7.5/10

Mike Richardson

Metal/Rock Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Generation Graveyard – Deleatist – Track Review

Generation Graveyard – Deleatist

Another review underway and this time it is Generation Graveyard – Deleatist. They call themselves a Death Punk band and I can totally see why! No holding back from these guys jumping straight in with a killer riff that is played throughout the song along with an almost thrashy feeling drum pattern that definitely woke me up this morning! The vocals are very similar to old Papa Roach so I got a nice blast from the past from this song! Never heard this genre before so more Death Punk please! I shall be checking out what else the band has to offer right away!

Tommy Rogers 

Metal Reviewer on Behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Bury the Hatchet – Departure – Track Review

Bury the Hatchet – Departure Review

Another day another review and this time round I’m reviewing “Departure” By “Bury the Hatchet.” I took a good few listens before I wrote this review as I don’t often go into the territory of hardcore but I must say the sound they pull off is definitely the definition of what I consider hardcore. From the very start of the song I could sense the build up into something big and they didn’t disappoint! There is only one way to describe “Departure” and that is brutally beautiful! You can feel the emotion of every note and every beat that has been put into this song. They certainly got a perfect mix between crushing melodic guitars and harsh vocals that blend together to give the song such an atmospheric and epic feel to it I actually got Goosebumps! I will be certainly checking out what else they have to offer and I suggest you guys do too!

Tommy Rogers

Metal Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Hearts Under Fire – “We’ve Come Too Far to Live in the Past” EP Review

If you’ve not heard of Surrey all-girl punk rockers Hearts Under Fire you really should give yourself a slap. Alternatively, if you’re not into the whole self-flagellation thing, buy their new EP and pray for forgiveness.

From the guitar feedback that kicks off the EP until the end of the last track this choice cut of punk is literally dripping with angst and energy, yet HUF manage to add something rare into the usual unsigned punk fare; melodies and musicality. This is not “dirty” punk in the usual sense but more of a finely crafted slice of angry storytelling that draws you in.

Opener “You Are: Convenience” showcases vocalist Mary’s vocal power and you can literally imagine her spitting the words out as she towers over the poor unfortunate subject of the song. Solid drums and riffs from the rest of the bands compliment her voice perfectly in this little belter of a song.

“1968” follows, taking the angst level just down a notch but turning the melodic genius all the way up to eleven. With dual / harmony vocals and a beautiful arrangement full of light and shade it’s another stunner.

“Blindfolds” marks the halfway mark, kicking off with a short, haunting intro before diving headlong into full-on rocking. Telling a story of love gone sour and immersing you in the pain, longing and dissapontment she is describing, Mary again works her spell and holds you mesmerised while Lexi, Nicky and Kitty serve up a perfect backdrop of duelling guitars and solid drums.

“Mark My Words” cleverly entwines lines from classic literary to create an enchanting lyric. Again, Mary’s background in musical theatre shines through, enabling her to convey emotions readily, creating tension and drama that perfectly matches the mellow verse and ballsy chorus.

The title track finishes off the EP in a suitably loud and angry fashion, Mary spitting out the words like they were bile in her mouth yet always perfectly in tune. The dual guitars of Kitty and Nicky really shine on this track, seeming to battle against each other yet harmonious at the same time. The bridge calms things down a little before hitting you hard around the head like a baseball bat. A suitably fitting end to the EP.

With more balls than most blokes and a huge slice of musicality I predict great things for these 4 young ladies. Available to download or as a real life disc from their bigcartel you need to have this in your collection.

Stand Out Tracks – Mark My Words / Blindfolds

Rating – 9.5/10

Reviewer – Mike Richardson

Metal/Rock Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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The Self Titled – Defaced – Album

Track from album – Mr Nobody

Hailing from deepest, darkest Kent, The Self Titled’s debut album “Defaced” is shining proof-positive that the UK hard rock / metal scene is alive and still kickin’ ass.  Drawing on a host of influences from metal, grunge and southern rock and mashing them up into something original, fresh and eminently moshable is the name of the game here and what a game it is!

Kicking off with “Soul Control”, the band are taking no prisoners right from the off.  With a driving bass-line and catchy riffs I can almost guarantee you’re gonna be singing the chorus before you know it.

Second track “Twisted” takes you right back to the days of the mighty Pantera; skull crushing metal at its best that just makes you want to get down and sweaty.  Stomp continues the assault but with a hard rocking feel more reminiscent of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains; a fat bass that drags you along by the scruff of your neck and one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a long time.

“Coming Home” calms things down a little (but not too much!) and showcases the versatility that this band has.  With a soulful, southern rock style vocal, great lyrics and a bucket load of tasteful chorused guitar in the verse and another hugely powerful chorus it really shows off the breadth  and depth of what The Self Titled can do.

“Mr Nobody” brings things back up to full-metal-tilt with a perfect distillation of the best parts of Metallica and Pantera combined with a bassline that reminded me of The Mission; Sounds weird but goddamn it, it works so well.

“Intuit” has a busy bumblebee of a main hook that progresses into some damn heavy rocking and is followed up by the straight-down-the-line metal of “Break These Chains”, stacked to the brim with Alice in Chains riffs and tempo changes.  “Warped” kicks off with a superbly punky guitar line that progresses into a crunching wall of metal that any Marshall stack would be proud to kick out and an absolute beauty of a mid-section / solo that literally left me with my jaw on the floor in surprise.

The album wraps up with “The Silence”, another leap into Pantera / Alice in Chains territory with screaming vocals, funky bass and tempo changes keeping it interesting.

Bottom line.  Do your ears a favour; go buy “Defaced”.


Stand out tracks;  Warped, Stomp

Score – 8.5/10

Reviewer – Mike Richardson

Metal/Rock Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Brocker – A Quiet One 

‘A Quiet One’ by Brocker tells the story of hoping to have a quiet night in front of the TV but giving into temptation by your mates hassling you to go out on the beers.

The song starts with a rather long intro featuring lead guitar parts which eventually turn to palm muting and then we hear the vocals ‘It all starts with a little temptation’…

We are then treated to two and a half minutes of fast high adrenaline goodness with lyrics referring to whiskey and tequila fuelled nights out on the town.

The chorus is a catchy affair and you find yourself singing along to ‘It was gonna be a quiet one, I was only gonna have one pint’. The vocals are really powerful and suit the music perfectly.

Midway through the song we get to, in my opinion, the stand out feature of this particular track, the guitar solo. This solo is amazing, and makes your fingers ache just listening to it. It’s just so damn fast and fiddly that you almost find yourself wanting to air guitar instantly.

If you’re into bands such as Pennywise, Bad Religion or especially Strung Out then I can almost guarantee you will hold a soft spot for this monster of a track.

Dan Martin Brown

Punk/Pop Punk Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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