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A freezing cold night out in the middle of know where, or so it seemed in the cold and dark.  We come to the Red Lion in Gravesend.  The dedicated side warehouse/shed like music venue, complete with large stage and awesome light and sound was just as cold as the outside and never really seemed to heat up at any point of the evening.  However, the music that came out that night made you completely forget this issue.  The line up was amazing, with earsplitting volume and hardcore music thumping out and you could do nothing but get caught up in the atmosphere.

I think its fair to say I enjoyed this gig… a lot!

Just a few images from that gig, to see all the photo’s in their glory please head over to facebook this gig only

or Flickr for high res

Hear track Seven Deadly – From This Darkness
Find them on Facebook (You can hear their music here… you need to!)
Their official website
These guys played Download in 2012 I suggest you check them out if you already haven’t!

Hear a track: Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
Find them on facebook here