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Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound

I met up with Escape The Ocean recently in a music venue/pub in Folkestone.  This did not turn out to be the best idea in the world as the interview was also being recorded for the new programme Kent Sessions and air play on radio Dacorum.  The interview was constantly interrupted by phone calls, talking, music from jukeboxes and bar staff, hence we had to move locations on a few occasions.  The strangest location change was the ladies toilets which involved the lads doing a thorough inspection and gaining some toilet envy in comparison to the gents!  In any case it was a lot of fun and the band had a lot to say about their genre, recording of their EP and Stevefest in particular.   Hope you enjoy!

escape the ocean

Me:  I’m joined today by a progressive math rock band from Deal called Escape The Ocean.  Welcome!

All in unison:  Hello

Me:  Lee Morrison – lead vocals and guitar, I have Lewis Monks – guitar and Glen Savage – bass.  I do believe we don’t have Liam Foy the drummer.

Lee:  He is among the missing today, yeah.

Me:  So first off I’d like to talk a little bit about your genre, progressive math rock.  Could you describe what that actually is?

Lee:  I think the thing to bear in mind is that although we kind of label ourselves as that a little bit, it’s one of the many influences.  Bands that I am kind of influenced by and that we’re influenced by as a band, are like The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In.  You know they’re  those kind of bands where, um they’re also influenced by loads of other different stuff as well.  There’s certain bands that you probably wouldn’t think that we are influence by, like Dillinger Escape Plan and Sixth…

Me:  OK.

Lee:  Which are really ridiculously heavy bands but just taking like little bits.  You know there’s a lot of bands that we kind of admire that have that kind of weird timing element to it.  I like the idea of trying to pervert rock music.  It essentially is just straight up rock music but its perverted a little bit with weird timings and it’s the different…

Glen:  I think it comes from like all of our inspirations though hasn’t it.

Lee:  Yeah.

Glen:  The different kind of music that we are sort of inspired by, where we all play together and where I’m funk orientated, Liam’s just a crazy arse drummer anyway.

Lee:  Yeah.

Glen:  And I say with other influences and you sort of grind it to together and it does become, not a genre in itself but it just becomes so creative that the only word you can give it, is sort of math rock.  It’s just different signatures.

Me:  See what confused me there was because obviously with the word math, to me that sounds like it’s quite calculated.  But what you’re describing is something that’s completely the opposite.

Lee:  No, no its very calculated, there’s certain elements of it that are really calculated, like there’s certain bits where they have to be a certain way and you work it out math… almost mathematically.

Me:  You’ve recorded a debut EP called Internal Landscapes and you recorded it at Hidden Track Records?

Lee:  No Hidden Track Studios in this very town, in Folkestone, yeah.  Oli Craggs, obviously you might know him from his recording career but also Feed the Rhino as well…

Me:  Indeed.

Lee:  Who are doing very well for themselves now.

Me:  Very, very well.

Lee:  Love those guys though,  I went to go and see them erm…

Me:  I do believe he came to see you at your last gig I attended!

Lee:  Yeah, yeah, yeah he did yeah.

Me:  I saw him standing there in the crowd.  What’s he like to work with?

Lee:  You know he’s one of them people, I know Oli sort of as a friend and he’s that kind of person, you know he’s a friend and you have a laugh and a joke and then when he’s in the studio, he kind of switches in a studio mode.  So l know if I say to him, this is what I want, he’ll go, I can do that and but what about this as well?  So there was some stuff when we were recording, I basically said to him, I want the guitar to sound like that, I want the drums to sound like that and I want the bass to sound like that and these are the other albums I want it to kind of sound like production wise, is this possible?  He’s like, yeah I can do this and do this.  He’s such an easy person to work with.  If you go in there with a professional head, if you’ve got most of the stuff worked out, it makes it easier for him as well.  The more information you can give him, it produces a better result.

Me:  I think sometimes bands go into the studio and they’re not really aware of exactly what they want.

Lewis:  You need to be totally ready when you go into the studio, there’s nothing worse than going into the studio and you’re, yeah we wanna record this track and the guys like, ok yeah, yeah we ready?  Let’s start recording and you’re like oh I don’t quite know what sound I want.  I haven’t mastered that bit yet!  You got to be 100% prepared and then you can just go in there, bang, bang, bang, job done!

Me:  How long did it take you to record?

Lee:  We had four days.

Me:  Four days and how many tracks?

Glen:  Four tracks, four days.

Me:  Wow.

Lee:  Yeah, the thing is we had to do the drums first and it was half past 5 in the evening and we’d only done 2 songs.  I was bricking it because as great at Liam is as a drummer, he’s a great drummer, he’s a bit anal when it comes to certain things like…

Me:  (laughs)

Lewis:  I love it when he’s not here, we can just say what we want about him…

Lee:  I’d say it to him if he was here.  (laughing)

Me:  He will hear this!

Lewis:  Yeah whenever he’s not here we like to…

Lee:  We slag him off.

Lewis:  No we don’t slag him off, we like to state the facts.

Lee:  Yeah, no I’d quiet happily say it to him, to his face.  He is anal and he is particular about certain things he wants to be and I was getting really stressed because I was like, if we don’t get the tracks, the drums done today for the amount of songs we want to do, however many songs he’s done is the amount of songs that’s going to be on the EP.  So we wanted it to be, we’ve aimed for four but we were only maybe going to get three out of it.  But we literally had a break, came back and he was bang, bang, knocked the last two songs out which were the hardest two drummer wise to play as well.  So yeah I think he just clicked in, he just got into the groove and it was fine.  Oli worked a bit later as well than he probably should have done and I was like you know what, thanks for putting in the effort.  But I think after the drums were done I kind of relaxed a little bit because I was right, at least we know now we can definitely do that amount of songs and I really enjoyed the process of doing it as well.  It’s almost a little bit like a production line.

Me:  Some people find it very stressful.

Glen:  I don’t find it stressful cos I think that’s the thing with Oli though, it can be very intimidating going into the studio and what not, don’t you think?  But he’s just one of those people that naturally puts you at ease and it’s just so easy to do.

Lee:  But he’s like ultimately professional.

Glen:  He’s just bloody good at what he does.

Lee:  It’s like we doing the guitar tracks and he was, just do it again and again and again and again and again, I got it now.  It’s like have you? (laughs)  He’s like I got it, I got it now, got the bit I need and obviously he’s got his process.  When you go to a producer you go because you want the sound that they have, not because you want to enforce what you want onto them.  There’s a certain amount of expectation that you have as an individual and as a band that you want to come out.  What the end result is, but the whole idea of a producer is that you go to them because you like the way they work or their process or what they do and obviously the results speak for themselves.

Escape the Ocean

Escape the Ocean

The interview now gets interrupted and we have to move location to the ladies toilets in the venue!

Me:  Back with Escape the Ocean, finishing our interview off in the ladies toilets of a local pub. (everyone laughs)

Glen:  Because that’s how we roll.

Lee:  We got the Carex on tap right! (lots of laughter from all)

Me:  Yeah there is a bit of toilet envy going on here, you have examined absolutely everything.  (still fits of laughter all round)

Glen:  Every inch of this place.

Me:  (once laughter has died)  I wanted to talk to you about Stevefest, I hear that you are on the unplugged stage on Sunday 28th April at the Astor Theatre in Deal.

Lee:  We are indeed yeah, it’s not only our first headline show but it’s also going to be our first full band acoustic show, which is either gonna go really, really well or its gonna…

Me:  You’re doing acoustic?

Lee:  Yeah.

Me:  I would like to see that!

Lee:  I mean like we played here, RokanRolla and me and Lewis did an acoustic set on our own and it was completely unknown.  We literally got together, went through every song that we’ve got and like yeah that works, that doesn’t and just do it like that and built up a set and it was actually not that bad.  So we could do it and do it again in the future and then Sean Whiting who runs Stevefest was like, oh you guys will be one of the only bands, one of the few bands that will be able to do an acoustic set, do you want to do it?  Obviously I’m up for it, always up for it.  I mean especially for the day, knowing Steve as well, so I wanted to be a part of it anyway I could.


Me:  Could you explain a little bit about what Stevefest is for people that don’t know?

This point the interview is interrupted for the second time and we decided to finish off in my car.

Lee:  Yeah it’s something that’s close to my heart and knowing Steve as well, it’s something I always want to be part of.  It’s only been one year that I’ve missed not playing but I’ve always been there.  I’ve always supported it anyway and its uh…

Glen:  It’s been 8 years now.

Lee:  Yeah it’s like time goes so quick and they guy died tragically young as well and he was at DrumTech.  When he came back he was so, you know he was like I can do all this.  He was such a great drummer erm but such a great friend as well, so a charity set up to send people erm to send kids.

Me:  Like a scholarship.

Lee:  Yeah like a scholarship for people who obviously can’t afford to do it and sending them off to DrumTech.  It’s a great charity just in itself and even if you don’t know anything about Steve at all, it’s a great thing to support anyway in just supporting musicians trying to do their thing.

Me:  There’s an amazing line-up, main stage and the unplugged stage.

Lee:  Yeah obviously now Feed The Rhino, even if you don’t know anything about what Stevefest is about or whatever, its gonna be worth it just for the bands and you’re supporting a charity.  What more can you ask for?  It’s gonna be a great line-up.

Me:  There’s a big hype about it, a lot of people talking it and the bands are really, really plugging it.  There’s a lot of passion for it.

Lee:  I think it’s one of them things where its struggled to find a home for quite a while and it’s been at various different places over the years.  It’s kind of found a little bit of a home now at the Astor in Deal.  It’s always been in Deal.  Sean pretty much single handily arranges everything.  He takes the whole thing on, on himself.  So I was quite mindful when he was saying you guys would be perfect to do an acoustic thing and I was like, oh I kind of wanna play the full band but I’m quite happy to do whatever it is, I wanna be there, I wanna be part of it.

Me:  I’m sure it’s going to be a really good day.  As I say there’s a lot of talk about it so I think it will be very well attended.  Which is also great for the local music scene because its giving focus to a lot of bands that people haven’t heard of.  Ok then, so what are the future plans for the band?  Other than going to toilets with me and sitting in cars.  (everyone erupts in laughter)

Glen:  Yeah various locations… that’s it.

Lewis:  Various location changes.

Lee:  Well we’ve got quite a few gigs lined up.

Glen:  Yeah we’re sort of hitting more of the  London crowd at the moment, trying to get out of Kent.

Me:  I noticed you’re moving  further afield.

Glen:  Yeah we’re trying to get out names out further afield but obviously we’re sort of coming back as well, doing battle of the bands at the Frenchman in Folkestone.  That’s July the 3rd I believe.  It’s pretty much we’re trying to get our name out there, trying to push this EP, trying to get it to the final stage of production so we can get back into the studio at the end of the year to start writing again.

Lee:  We’re looking to do a video quite soon with Matt Barker (Mosh Motion Movies) as well.  Great up and coming film maker.  Obviously at the moment cos he’s starting he’s doing anything he can get his hands on and he’s doing sterling work as well.  He’s worked with quite a few bands already and he’s got more bands in the pipeline.  Great guy to support.

Glen:  Surprised at the price as well though man.

Lee:  Yeah he’s like bang = buck which is always on my page.

Glen:  It’s a case of, if you record a video with him you know its gonna heard.

Lee:  Yeah but he’s a nice guy as well and we’re looking forward to doing that.  We kind of went a little bit backwards, because most bands record the EP then do a video of the first single then release the EP or the single and we’ve literally gone completely backwards.  The full stop is going to be the video and that will be the EP done.  Obviously we’re still plugging it and playing it.

Glen:  We’re going to arrange a small tour as well towards the end of the year to go out with a bang for the year before we start again at the beginning of next year.  But next  year we’re gonna be pretty much trying to tour our arses off really.

Lee:  I think getting together the new material  that’s gonna be on the next EP, being really mindful erm for me, I don’t like doing the same thing twice so obviously, although if you listen to the original EP or come and see us live, it’s not going to be a million miles away but when the new material comes out there’s gonna be a definite change, like a musical change.

Me:  You going to know that’s it new.

Lee:  Yeah you’re gonna know its new, it’s not gonna be a continuation of what’s done before which some bands are quite guilty of doing.   Doing the same thing over and over again because they failed popularity doing it once.  So they are gonna do it again and again and again which is fair enough for a lot of bands.  If they’ve got a good thing going, continue doing it, no problem but I’m quite fickle and once something’s done I wanna move on and do something else.  For better or worse.  Fall on my face and chalk it up to experience.

Me:  Well we hope you don’t do that.

Lee:  Hopefully it won’t happen but at the end of the day, as a band collectively, I’ve not been in a situation in where it’s like, there’s a lot of bands out there that have a lot of fun and they play a gig and then they have a lot of fun but there music sucks.  I feel we work really hard at what we do and then the fun comes because its good and we feel that sense of accomplishment.   Then when we play a gig and we get a good reaction or we get good feedback off of a recording or whatever it is, that’s the fun for me, not getting pissed up.

Me:  You’re a hard working band.

Lee:  That’s it, the work ethic is there and it’s another dirty word, the business of it, I want things to be just so and everyone has got that work ethic.  Where we’re just like do it again and do it again and do it again until its perfect, until its right.  When something goes wrong when we play live, I take it really to heart a little bit, a little bit more than I should do sometimes.  I’ve been guilty of that in the past, in the recent past as well.

Me:  Perfectionist.

Lee:  Yeah a little bit, I try to be.  I don’t find it’s a bad thing but sometimes you have to kind of take a back seat and go well you know, move onto the next one.  Hopefully it comes across that we work hard and we work hard because we enjoy it and not only we enjoy it but we’re passionate about what we do!

Here endeth the eventful interview in my car, in the rain, late in the evening.  Awesome bunch of lads who were extremely good about the whole thing and for that I offer my sincere thanks! 

You will be able to hear the audio version of this interview from Friday 26th April via streaming or podcast download from Kent Sessions programme page 

Interview by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

Find band on Facebook
Official Website

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions

  • Moccasins
  • Escape the Ocean
  • The Fruit Group
  • Witchdoctor

So the third Friday Night Live at RokanRolla showed just how successful these evenings are becoming with a very busy venue.  So nice to see the local music scene thriving and people actually wanting to see live bands and why wouldn’t they when a gig is FREE!

First on lineup Witchdoctor.   A new band from Herne Bay consisting currently of 3 members due to the lost of their bass player, they describe themselves as psychedelic experimental progressive grungy jazzy punk rock shoegaze fusion.  Having recently had radio airplay which received a lot of very positive feedback, I was really looking forward to seeing these guys.  The sound of this band confuses me and I like that, it seems to confuse everyone but what did happen was, people talked about them after.  A number of bands names were thrown into the equation when I talked to people about their sound, The Kinks, The Hives, The White Stripes, Rush, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and even Sitar.  This was only the bands second gig and considering that, they put on a fantastic set of covers and original material.  They are currently looking for a bass player and I would say that I agree with this to beef the sound up a little.  Overall though an exciting new band with a sound that I haven’t heard from any other.  Most definitely one to watch!



The Fruit Group next.  A 3 piece band from Herne Bay, signed to DOUBLE DECKORDS, who describe themselves as Jam Band/Tropical/VitaminC genre.  I hadn’t ever seen or heard this band before this gig so had no idea what to expect.  I have to say I half expected them to turn up in Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian t-shirts and have a set covered in inflatable bananas.  That might not have been to far from the truth!  The vocalist did wear a nice brightly coloured shirt, but that aside, the music that came off stage had a ‘sunny’ sort of sound to it.  Feel good music that made you think of tropical beaches and warm sunshine!  Very nicely put together set from a talented band.

The Fruit Group

The Fruit Group

Escape the Ocean are a Progressive/Math Rock band from Deal who do what they do extremely well.  Well I’ve reviewed these guys before so will put in the link here for that review.  It’s pointless to keep saying the same things about a band, so I wont go over old ground.  I have to be totally honest and say that I’m not hugely knowledgeable about this genre but its very easy to know when a band are more than a bit good!  The fact that a band member from Feed the Rhino was in the crowd to watch them kind of speaks volumes.  The guys put on a really good set but to be honest they always do, the standard never seems to drop, they never seem to have an ‘off day’.  The equipment they put on stage looks like something from the future, all shiny and high tech and always draws comment from people watching.  A band with more energy than a Tasmanian devil and a sound more technical than the ‘big bang theory’.  Get to a gig and see them!

Escape the Ocean

Escape the Ocean

Moccasins a 4 piece Indie Rock band from Folkestone, very local boys!  These guys are pretty young and have  a strong following of fans that turn up to their gigs.  They are a very tight band with a unique sound, favoring reverb which makes the sound produced very rich.  The songs are extremely catchy and the fans know them off by heart, cheerily singing them back to the stage.  However, even if this is your first time watching them, you find yourself singing along to choruses of certain songs.  This is rock indie that you can’t help but love.  Take their ages aside and you still have an incredibly talented group of musicians.  I think this band will be heard of by a lot more and spreading their wings a little in the future.



Witchdoctor – Arnald Find them on Facebook

The Fruit Group   Find them on Facebook 

Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound Find them on Facebook

Moccasins – Find them on Facebook 

Here follows a very small amount of photography from the evening.  For full gig photo’s please go to Facebook, this page only 

  • I.R.I.S
  • Wheres Billy
  • Left of the Right Side
  • Escape the Ocean

Well this gig at the Beer Cart Arms in Canterbury, was both epic and tinged with sadness.  Every single band that played at this gig totally smashed it and put on an awesome show but it was the band Left of the Right Side last ever gig which made me (and many, many others) very sad.

First off credit has to go to Below the Radar Events and Promotions for getting a spot on line up, all bands complimented each other well and any briefly encountered technical issues from the last couple of gigs were no where in sight!  Now onto the bands…

First up where Escape the Ocean, a band that plays Progressive/Math Rock and although I have only seen and photographed them as a full band on two occasions (also once as an acoustic set) they never fail to impress.  The band has an incredible amount of energy on stage, so much that they actually wear me out just watching them, let alone trying to keep up with them with a camera.  Vocalist/Guitarist Lee Morrison manages to fling himself around the stage and almost eat the microphone (literally) without so much as breaking out a sweat.

Escape the Ocean

Escape the Ocean

Next up was the awesome Left of the Right Side.  The best I’ve seen them perform but this is not surprising as it was their last gig and they were pumped for it.  A Rock / Pop-Punk / Progressive band they belted out a full set and had they not been allowed to perform an encore track, I fear there would have been a lynch mob or riot.  The crowd was well up for this set and both sang along to familiar tracks with smiles all over their faces and got some movement going on the floor.  The screaming, chanting and clapping at the end of the set and demand for “one more song, one more song” only showed how much this band was/is loved.  A little surprise for their last ever gig was also on the cards which I was lucky enough to get photographic evidence of… guitarist Shaun Taylor and drummer Matt Downes switched things up for one song… or part of a song and actually swapped instruments.  This left Matt shoe less on stage playing a guitar and Shaun drumming like a loon, both of which extremely credibly I have to say.  Shaun did in fact admit to me today that it was the first time he had ever drummed in front of anyone other than the band and he was terrified… you would never have known so all credit where credit is due guys.  The band is splitting due to work commitments only and are still firm friends.  Some of the lads are looking to start a new project in the future and I wish them all success with this and look forward to running a feature on that new project… stay in touch lads, you’ve been a joy to work with!

Left of the Right Side

Left of the Right Side

So moving onto Wheres Billy,  an amazing rock band that traveled from Tunbridge Wells to play this gig.  They performed at the Beer Cart Arms back at the very beginning of October 2012, when I was just starting out and I didn’t really manage to get any decent shots of them, not this time I’m so very glad to say!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed their set and they were a pleasure to do photography for.  Some real powerful, strong songs and vocals came off stage with stage presence to match and great interaction with the crowd.

Wheres Billy

Wheres Billy

Last but not least, as they say, was the evenings headline act, I.R.I.S.  An Alternative Rock / Post-Hardcore band from Deal signed to Engineer Records these guys never disappoint.  I’ve only photographed them on two occasions, one of which was in fact last night and wow… couldn’t possibly be bored in any way because despite working with them only a couple of weeks ago, they introduced new tracks into their set last night.  Nicely performed, the energy these guys exude on stage is evident from the sweat produced and seen in the photo’s.  The crowd love these guys and it’s really not hard to see why, I highly recommend you get along to a gig to see them because even the photo’s will not do their set justice!



OK, OK I know I’ve rambled a bit here tonight and this has been much, much longer than usual, but being a last ever gig and an awesome lineup and top evening, it needed a few more words than usual… so let’s get down to the stuff you expect, music, links and pics!

Here follows a very, very, did I say VERY small amount of the evenings photography.  For full evening, all sets please go to the Facebook page, this gig only

IRIS – Lie For Me 
Find band on Facebook 
Official website 
Record Label Facebook 

Escape the Ocean –  Exit Wound 
Find band on Facebook  
Official Website 

Left Of The Right Side – Skyward 

Find band on Facebook  – they may have played their last gig but these lovely guys are bringing you one last song from their EP so keep an eye out on their page!

Wheres Billy – Aches, Pains & The Quiet Life 
Find band on Facebook 
And one of their music videos 🙂 

Here is a selection of tracks from various ROCK bands.  Like what you hear?  Check them out on Facebook, find a gig and go and support them!

If you search for a band in the search box in the left column of the blog, you will find their blog posts, with photography, Facebook and in some cases website and YouTube links.  Also any featured band articles if relevant.  Just click on the links to hear a track:

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  • Craig Sheridan
  • Vivid Nation

Ok so although on first glance this looks like a gig full of bands, in actual fact this was an evening of striped back bands and a chilled evening of acoustic sets.  What a night of really lovely pure music for a Monday evening.  The amazing Craig Sheridan (Crashgate) performed his last solo set for sometime and the awesome Vivid Nation still managed to rock it up a bit even in their striped back acoustic form and ended the evening with a real bang.  A truly pleasurable evening.

Hear track Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound
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Hear track Vivid Nation – You Just gave it away
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Hear track Crashgate – b.o.b 1
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Here follows a tiny snapshot of the evenings photography.  For full evenings photo’s please go to our Facebook, this gig only page

  • Insult
  • Escape the Ocean
  • After the Enclave
  • Mistiksin

For a full review of the evening and bands that played, please go to this amazing young writers blog.  I have the pleasure of working with him on a regular basis and he kindly uses my photography on his blog gig reviews, hit him up and read what an awesome gig this was and a real feel for the bands that played, here

Such a fun gig as the photo’s will allow.  Small taster of the photo’s taken on this night provided below.  For all the gig photo’s from the night please go to our facebook.  Link here to facebook, this gig only

or high resolution on flickr: all bar below gig photo’s

Hear bands track:  After the Enclave – Crucified
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Hear bands track: Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound
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Hear bands track: Insult – Face in the Mud
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