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This was a gig I really wanted to go to. I missed the opportunity to photograph Tank Trap before so was very pleased to get the opportunity last night and they did not disappoint.  Thumbscrew and the Flicknife Barbers were recently recommended to me and again… WOW, so very glad I caught these guys and had the chance to capture the moment.  Both bands I highly recommend you check out.

Big thank you must also go to Platform 5 in Ashford for allowing me to come along and capture their evening.  The hospitality of this venue was amazing and they give so many bands the chance to perform, you really must get down and catch a gig at this place!

So here follows a very, very small amount of the photography taken from this evening.  For full evenings photography please go to, Facebook, this gig only

As the night’s music began the four members of Tank Trap emerged from the crowd and took to the stage.  Tank Trap brought their style of blues rock to Ashford.  Showing their many talents front man Ian Day revealed a new one.  The ability to break any mic just by touching it.  One by one he fearlessly slayed mics like they were marauding dragons until he made peace.

A little taster of a review of the evening from Banned Reviews… read more here

Thumbscrew and the Flicknife Barbers – Gerry Attrick 

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Like what you hear?  How could you not lol…. they have their entire 5 track EP for free download here … you lucky people!

Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet  You lucky people, kind thanks Tank Trap, this is their title track from their latest EP which you can buy here
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  • Jessica (from All My Ghosts)
  • Topaz
  • Push the Boundaries
  • Atlantica
  • Insult
  • Blacken the Name
  • Circle of Rage

For an really awesome review of this gig and the bands that played, please visit this very talented writers blog… recommended read

So this gig was quite some time ago now but all in the name of a fantastic charity.  A lot of hard work and time put into this by many people and it proved a huge success.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed it and it was one of the first gigs I photographed, so the start of something big for me.

This is a small sample of the photo’s taken at this gig, for the full day/evenings band set photo’s go to our facebook page, this gig only

Hear track Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves
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Hear track Blacken The Name – Jekyll And Hyde
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Hear Track Topaz – Lonely_Boy
Topaz website

Hear track Circle of Rage – Unnatural selection
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Hear track Insult – Face in the Mud
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An awesome night of 7 bands… what more could a gal want right?  This was a debut of all bands for me and many of these bands I have now gone on to photograph on many occasions.  As you will see eventually when I get the rest of the gigs up.  So the line up?

  • Empire Light
  • ShyChlo
  • BTN (Blacken the Name)
  • Circle of Rage
  • Vivid Nation
  • Ziphedz
  • The Eyes

Some of these have now become huge favorites of mine and good friends.

So here is a small selection of photo’s from this gig.  For the full selection of photo’s from this gig please go to facebook, this gig only and Flickr to follow shortly for this venue.

Hear a track Vivid Nation – You Just gave it away
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Official band website

Hear a track ShyChlo – Wake Up
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Hear a track: Empire Light – Dreaming For Two
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Hear a track: The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version)
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Hear a track: Circle of Rage – Unnatural selection
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Hear a track: Blacken The Name – Jekyll And Hyde
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