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Unforeseen Prophecy – Fractured – Track Review

From the very second of this 4 minute, 11 second track, I knew that ‘Unforeseen Prophecy’ would rapidly grow on me. The opening rif is highly powerful and attention grabbing, and by 00:56 you can picture yourself with a group of your best pals’ in a packed out pub somewhere in London, beer in hand, having a good old throw down to this tune. Lead Vocalist, Paul Wells, possess strong and gripping vocals whilst drummer, Russ Edwards accompanies this with  attacking drum techniques that would give Sean Heenan a run for his money. Paul Gills,  Bassist, in my mind brings the track together during and before breakdowns. The track features a melodic female sounding voice (I’m presuming these are sung by Charis, also rhythm guitarist?) during the chorus and at various intervals, giving this song a unique twist that appeals to me very much. Both Guitarist’s, Charis Pattison, Rhythm Guitarist and Callum Wills, Lead Guitarist bring an overall vibe to the track that separates this song from others such as Pick Up The Pieces, but Unforeseen Prophecy are definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Lucy Rekert

Reviewer on Behalf of GIGgle Pics

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