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Tres Camaradas – Sink – Track Review 

‘Sink’ by Tres Camarades is a song all about drinking, and drinking a hell of alot until you’re sick.

The song starts off with a rolling drum beat on the toms and the bass comes in with the guitar, sounding a little like the mission impossible theme.

The music style reminds me of nineties grunge with the gritty vocals and instruments starting of calmly on the verses and then getting louder and more aggressive on the chorus, a little like Nirvana.
The song has a slow tempo and the recording sounds quite raw, almost like a live recording.

A repeated ‘we drink and sink until we’re sick’ and ‘being alone’ stick in your head but are a little repetitive after a few listens. The bass line in this song is great and definitely one of the stand out instruments.

All in all ‘Sink’ is a powerful song that is gritty and raw, definitely one for old school grungers and alternative rock fans to rock out to.

Dan Martin Brown

Punk/Pop Punk Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Tres Camaradas have just released two new tracks but I had already given this out for review before hand.  I’m posting a video of one of their new tracks below and will be getting the new ones reviewed by another reviewer very shortly!  (Sarah – GIGgle Pics & Kent Sessions)