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It’s a hefty one but then so is the band

Hear track Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
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Travelling from Kent and in a rush, got here in time for this gig but having to travel back didnt manage to catch the other bands this night.  However, was a good night with a great sound coming off that stage!

Small taster of photo’s from the night, for all the photo’s please go to facebook, this gig only

Hear track Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
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  • The Eyes
  • Lynchpyn
  • Bad Sign]
  • Vivid Nation
  • Broken Banjo

So this feels a little fraudulent lol… I’ve placed the entire line up list on this post but I actually only photographed The Eyes and Lynchpyn.  I was commisioned to do Lynchpyn, The Eyes asked me to come along and Vivid Nation I’ve worked with a few times and love.  So I did the first two sets and for once in life (A very rare move, put the camera down and enjoyed the rest of the gig, seriously regretted at time believe me lol)

So again as usual for the blog, a small sample of the photo’s taken that night, for full evenings limited photography (lol) please see faceboook, this gig only page

Hear track The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version)
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Hear track Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
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A freezing cold night out in the middle of know where, or so it seemed in the cold and dark.  We come to the Red Lion in Gravesend.  The dedicated side warehouse/shed like music venue, complete with large stage and awesome light and sound was just as cold as the outside and never really seemed to heat up at any point of the evening.  However, the music that came out that night made you completely forget this issue.  The line up was amazing, with earsplitting volume and hardcore music thumping out and you could do nothing but get caught up in the atmosphere.

I think its fair to say I enjoyed this gig… a lot!

Just a few images from that gig, to see all the photo’s in their glory please head over to facebook this gig only

or Flickr for high res

Hear track Seven Deadly – From This Darkness
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These guys played Download in 2012 I suggest you check them out if you already haven’t!

Hear a track: Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
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A small selection of photography taken from the above gig.

This was Lynchpyn’s debut gig and what an awesome night it was all round.  The energy from the bands this night will never quite be forgotten.

  • Dark Theory
  • Lynchpyn
  • Silas
  • Wretched Soul

For all photographs take on this night please see either facebook this gig only

Or Flickr all photographs for Bar Below venue

Hear track Silas – Art Of The Cure
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Official Website

Hear their track: Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now 128kbps
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