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So a freezing cold Thursday evening saw a night of Punk and Rock hit the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue.  Now this was the first time that the RokanRolla venue had seen a full-on line up such as this and it was an evening that did not go entirely smoothly. Writing reviews for gigs can be extremely rewarding but equally at times it can be difficult.  The whole point of reviews is honesty, otherwise there is no point and to be honest I would be discredited pretty quickly if I was anything but.  This is one that I’ve not looked forward to writing because it involves a venue and bands that I work or have worked with on several occasions.  I’ve had to put some real thought into this and I think in fairness I will keep details to a minimum and try to focus on all the positives of the evening.

So first band up was Tres Camaradas, a local Rock/Punk band that is very new on the scene.  In fact last night was only their fourth ever gig but had I not been told this, I would never have known.  They performed a really tight set for a band that have performed so few gigs and if this is where they are at now, I can only say that the future holds bright things for them!  One to keep an eye on.

Next up were The Half Wits, another local band of pure Punk!  These guys have a devoted following on the scene already and it showed. This was not the first time I’ve photographed this band and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last.  Always exciting to work with as their aggressive Punk lyrics see their fans hit the floor in a big hard way… producing some amazing photo’s and an insight into the world of Punk.  On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that these guys and their fans are foul mouth yobs out to cause trouble (foul mouth may be right when it comes to the lyrics of course)… but this is exactly the type of generalization that gives certain genres an unfair and misunderstood reputation.  In fairness its hard and brutal music with even more brutal moves on the floor but this does not mean that it follows through in general.  These guys are awesome at what they do and if you are into your pure Punk… check them out!

Next followed The Eyes, a band that I can only describe as more Rock than their Hard Rock genre.  I’ve photographed this band on a few occasions now and they are exactly what they say on the tin… they also know how to party just as hard as they perform.  Being completely honest and they admitted this themselves, last night was not their best performance, seeing technical problems with equipment among other issues, but as Rock goes these guys know exactly what they are doing and always put on a full on show well worth watching!

Now to the headline band Insult…  well as the photo’s will show these guys were unable to play on the night.  As I mentioned earlier, the evening did not go off without incident and I will try to pass over the details as much as possible.  However, the fact that there was an altercation cannot be ignored as it was partly the reason the headline act was unable to play due to time running out.  It is not for me to pick apart the what’s and why’s of events, I have attended many a gig in the RokanRolla with no problems, I have photographed the bands on a few occasions, never with any problems… sometimes things just happen.  On this occasion Rock and Punk did not mix!

However, any problems were over extremely quickly and handled impeccably by door security, for which he should be commended.  Everyone involved calmed quickly and I feel it was no reflection on those involved…  it was just a real shame.

Insult are a local Old School Punk band, in fact the lads are from Folkestone and had a fair following of fans waiting to see them perform, so there was much disappointment all around.  For myself, their sets always produce great photography and so does their crowd.  In the interest of fairness, as I wasn’t able to get any photographs of them on their headline night, I will still place their track, link to Facebook and links to previous gigs photography I have done of them.  Again, if you are into your Punk, you must check these guys out as they really no how to do it in style!

As usual, here follows a very small amount of the evenings photography.  For the full evenings photo’s please go to Facebook, this gig only (well worth a look, lots of photo’s of both the fans and bands… Insult made it into the fans photo’s!)

Hear track Tres Camaradas – Sink 
Find them on Facebook
Download their full demo for free from soundcloud

Hear track The Half Wits – SOCIETY 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version) 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Insult – Face in the Mud 
Find them on Facebook

Find photo’s of these guys at previous gigs I’ve photographed here: Bar Below gig – Beer Cart Arms gig – Platform 5 gig


Here is a selection of tracks from various PUNK/POP PUNK bands.  Like what you hear?  Check them out on Facebook, find a gig and go and support them!

If you search for a band in the search box in the left column of the blog, you will find their blog posts, with photography, Facebook and in some cases website and YouTube links.  Also any featured band articles if relevant.  Just click on the links to hear a track:


  1. Punching Swans- OCD (Punk band from Kent) – Find on Facebook 
  2. Saving Sebastian – I Hate Bands That Use Ridiculously Long Song Titles to Name Their Songs, They Could Have Chosen a Simple Phrase from the Chorus (Pop Punk band from Hemel Hemstead) – Find on Facebook 
  3. The 27s – It Was Nice Knowing YouFind on Facebook
  4. Slaves – Nervous Energy – Find on Facebook 
  5. Death in the Workplace – Getting Away With Murder (Dirty Ska Punk band from London) – Find on Facebook 
  6. COLT45 – Chasing Yesterday EP (2011) – Chasing Yesterday – Find on Facebook 
  7. The Rebecca Riots – How To Disfigure A Peacock (Adult – is the only description this band gives themselves from Canterbury – head over to Facebook, give them a  like and download their free EP) Find on Facebook 
  8. Beverley Kills – Walk With Me (All girl Punk Rock band) Find on Facebook 
  9. One Day Elliott – So Far, So Good – Find on Facebook 
  10. The Half Wits – SOCIETY – Find on Facebook 
  11. Tres Camaradas – Sink – Find on Facebook 
  12. Circle of Rage – Unnatural selection – Find on Facebook 
  13. Thumbscrew and the Flicknife Barbers – Gerry Attrick – Find on Facebook 
  14. Firstborn Heroes – Hold On Me – Find on Facebook 
  15. Brocker – A Quiet One (Rock/Punk/Ska band from Hertfordshire) – Find on Facebook 
  16. The Reason I Failed History – Drop Ocean (Emo band from Kent) – Find on Facebook 
  17. UGLY LOVE – OH NO HERE COME THE SPACE HAWKS (Rock punk band from Royal Tunbridge Wells) – Find on Facebook 
  18. Escucha – Memory in Stills – Find on  Facebook 
  19. Insult – Face in the Mud – Find on Facebook 
  20. College – 1st or 2nd- or Uni… (Lazy Emo that gets louder band from Canterbury) – Find on Facebook 
  21. We Buy Gold – Rons’ Room  (Rock/Post Punk band from London – record of week BBC Introducing Kent) – Find on Facebook 
  22. XUP-SUP  – Lonely Night (POP/PUNK/ROCK band from Hastings) – Find on Facebook 
  23. Saving Rose – Like Me FINAL – Find on Facebook 
  24. Hey, Joni – Jack’s Song – Find on Facebook 


  1. Sail On – Things Are On The Up – Find on Facebook 
  2. Melrose – No Thanks Man, I’m High On Life! – Find on Facebook 
  3. Third Place Victory – X’s & Hex’s – 01 Bangarang – Find on Facebook 
  4. Up For The Let Down -I Fear Sharks – Find on Facebook 
  5. Rexon – Brother in arms – Find on Facebook 
  6. My Third Leg – 05 Balls Deep – Find on Facebook 

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Here is a selection of tracks from various hardcore bands.  Like what you hear?  Check them out on Facebook, find a gig and go and support them!

If you search for a band in the search box in the left column of the blog, you will find their blog posts, with photography, Facebook and in some cases website and YouTube links.  Also any featured band articles if relevant.  Just click on the links to hear a track:

  1. City of Ashes – Falling Star – Find on Facebook 
  2. With Open Arms – Deceivers – Find on Facebook 
  3. Eyes of the Innocent – No Forgiveness – Find on Facebook 
  4. Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves – Find on Facebook 
  5. Sincerity -Ascendant – Find on Facebook 
  6. Generation Graveyard – Deleatist – Find on Facebook 
  7. Insult – Face in the Mud – Find on Facebook 

For more tracks in this genre from bands/artist not yet worked with, but just as awesome… please click here

OK so we are now running our February Most Pit Pic of the Month Competition.  Winner gets two free shots from the specials at venue or alternative from myself.  More candidates will be added throughout the month so keep checking back and voting!

  • Jessica (from All My Ghosts)
  • Topaz
  • Push the Boundaries
  • Atlantica
  • Insult
  • Blacken the Name
  • Circle of Rage

For an really awesome review of this gig and the bands that played, please visit this very talented writers blog… recommended read

So this gig was quite some time ago now but all in the name of a fantastic charity.  A lot of hard work and time put into this by many people and it proved a huge success.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed it and it was one of the first gigs I photographed, so the start of something big for me.

This is a small sample of the photo’s taken at this gig, for the full day/evenings band set photo’s go to our facebook page, this gig only

Hear track Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves
Find them on Facebook

Hear track Blacken The Name – Jekyll And Hyde
Find them on Facebook

Hear Track Topaz – Lonely_Boy
Topaz website

Hear track Circle of Rage – Unnatural selection
Find them on Facebook

Hear track Insult – Face in the Mud
Find them on Facebook

Beercart Arms – Canterbury – 06.11.12

  • Insult
  • Left of the Right Side
  • Slaves
  • Electric River

So I am just going through my back catalog of gigs and found this one.  Yet another awesome Beercart Arms gig as the photo’s will show.

Below is a tiny snippet of photo’s taken at this gig on the night.  Please go here to facebook for just this evening photos or to Flickr  for all large number of Beercart Arms gig photo’s

Hear a track Slaves – Nervous Energy
Find them on Facebook
YouTube Video link for White Knuckle Ride

Hear a track Electric River – Hold Your Nerve
Find them on Facebook
Official Website
YouTube loveliness 

Hear a track Left Of The Right Side – Skyward
Find them on Facebook

Hear a track – Insult – Face in the Mud
Find them on Facebook

  • Insult
  • Escape the Ocean
  • After the Enclave
  • Mistiksin

For a full review of the evening and bands that played, please go to this amazing young writers blog.  I have the pleasure of working with him on a regular basis and he kindly uses my photography on his blog gig reviews, hit him up and read what an awesome gig this was and a real feel for the bands that played, here

Such a fun gig as the photo’s will allow.  Small taster of the photo’s taken on this night provided below.  For all the gig photo’s from the night please go to our facebook.  Link here to facebook, this gig only

or high resolution on flickr: all bar below gig photo’s

Hear bands track:  After the Enclave – Crucified
Find the band on facebook here

Hear bands track: Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound
Find the band on facebook
Buy their track on iTunes and find all info regarding the band here: Website

Hear bands track: Insult – Face in the Mud
Find band on Facebook