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It has been widely discussed and commented that Ashford has not had much of a metal/rock scene for quite some time.  Original band gigs have been some what lacking for this genre, so there was a lot of hype around this, along with some concerns that it may not be well attended.  This gig was put on by Below the Radar Events and Promotions in an attempt to try to kick start the local scene again, with the intention of putting on more regular gigs if all went well.

This was a little different than Below the Radar’s usual gigs, in that Dan Wyatt from Blacken the Name also helped to organize it and will be running future ones from Club Q, as the Ashford section of Below the Radar.  Dan managed to acquire Club Q (snooker club) as a venue for these gigs, which was the home of the Ashford Rocks gigs in the past, so has seen plenty a rock and metal bands in its time.

If there were concerns about attendance, there needn’t have been as the venue was packed out by fans of metal and this has now secured the venue for future gigs.  So guys, keep your eyes peeled for the next one, as to keep the scene going this requires future good attendance!

Artemis Redeemer are a 5 piece metal/hardcore band from Kent.  I say are but this is not strictly true as they are actually splitting up.  This gig was their penultimate, there last being with Palmreader and Bury The Hatchet at the Beercart Arms in Canterbury on April 11th.  So if you like what hear/see (track featured at bottom) I suggest you get along to this gig.  It will be the last opportunity to catch them live and being their last ever show, I’m pretty sure it will be a stonker!  Despite being nearly at their end the band put on a strong set of hardcore metal.  Lead vocalist Sam Hubbard produced some very strong vocals backed by hard riffs for some real head banging music.

Artemis Redeemer

Artemis Redeemer

Sail On brought something a little different to the lineup being a pop punk band.  Local lads from Ashford they seemed a little concerned they wouldn’t fit the lineup but they needn’t have.  This pop punk band actually have a screamer (well technically he has left and another band member is filling in) and are not exactly a ‘soft’ sounding band.  I recently reviewed them at a gig in Folkestone, so wont cover the same things again (see here for last review) but I can say that they still have all the energy of a kid eating blue smarties and still have their kangaroo (yep previous review read needed there).  The crowd really enjoyed this set and it was nice to see that their front man has gained a lot of confidence since the last time I saw them.  A strong band with a really great sound, highly recommend you catch them at a gig.

Sail On

Sail On

Hours to Destroy a pretty new 4 piece, experimental metal band from Canterbury.  I photographed these guys at a gig a little while back, one of their early gigs and have to say what an amazing bunch of guys these are.  To say it was an eventful gig would be an understatement however.  The very last song of their set, the very last bar, I’m leaning in with my camera to get a shot of the final moment.  As I look through the lens I see Richi’s (lead vocalist) eyes just roll back in his head as he literally keels over.  Falling backwards he hits his head on the window sill and knocks himself sparko!  The next set of photography is missed by me as I’m delivering first aid and holding his head together, which has a really deep gash and all he can say while waiting for an ambulance is:  “Will they have to to shave my head?   My hair man!” So I was a little concerned about this set and we did have a discussion regarding performing all future gigs in a sumo outfit and crash helmet  (which I would love to photograph!).  Moving on, experimental metal is a great description of this band, the bassist Tom Shepherd is actual bass/synths combined.  Literally!  Being a previous dub step solo artist they wanted to bring his synths into the set so came up with a genius idea.  A nano pad was purchased which runs through a laptop, the keypad is velcro’d onto his bass and he plays it live!  Extremely strong vocals from Richi Lewis, tight guitars and drums and a unique sound with some really interesting lyrics.  This band is going from strength to strength and they clearly love what they do.  I suggest you check them out!

Hours To Destroy

Hours To Destroy

My Life in the Making are a 4 piece metal band from Ashford/New Romney and to be honest, there is not really anyone on the scene that hasn’t heard of these guys!  So having not done much of late these guys are back and back with a vengeance and it was clear to see that there are a lot of people very happy about this.  The band had a very big turn out and the second they hit the stage a crowd gathered eagerly awaiting their set.  I was really looking forward to seeing these guys after hearing so many awesome things about them and yes I can confirm, they are awesome.  A fierce drummer who managed to break a fair few sticks in his fury, had an amazing kit adorned with Animal from the muppets which is very fitting.  Lead vocalist Ken Graham has a strong and pretty stunning voice, backed up by Ted Clark’s earth shattering screams the combination is very powerful.  Chopping riffs and powerful bass lines, put these all together and you have yourself a slightly different brand of metal but one I like, A LOT!  Really pleased to see these guys have a few gigs coming up.

My Life In The Making

My Life In The Making

Blacken The Name a 5 piece metal/experimental band from Ashford.  Yes these are local boys but no matter where they perform they have a really loyal fan base that follow along and its not hard to see why.  I’ve seen/photographed these guys a good few times now and they never fail to amaze.  Although every single gig is action packed, it is very rare for me to be able to say that every set is different.  These guys keep me on my toes and you have to be very alert around them for numerous reasons.  You just never know what will come next or what a band member will do.  There are times I wish there was two of me as while taking a shot of something, out the corner of my eye I can see something else going on which I’m kicking myself for missing.  Lead vocalist Dan Wyatt rarely spends any time on stage at all, preferring to be out in the pit with the fans and giving them the opportunity to join in with vocals frequently.  Note I said pit!  I have never attended a Blacken gig where there has not been a mosh pit and these can get pretty mental.  I always need to keep my wits about me but man do they produce some amazing photo’s.  I usually end up hanging around the speakers so I can duck behind for safety if necessary or onto the stage itself.  This gig was spent on my hands and knees at rhythm guitarist John Shaw’s feet!  Awesome sounding metal came off stage with huge amounts of headbanging, even from the band and lots of windmills off stage.  The finale was a metal rendition of Ricky Martin – Living da vida loco and the crowd went mental.  The mosh pit filled up with both men and women and craziness ensued.  Definitively a band to go and see, just watch yourself near that pit or get involved!

Blacken The Name

Blacken The Name

Review by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics

Artemis Redeemer – We are Society Find band on Facebook 

Sail On – Things Are On The Up Find band on Facebook 

Hours to Destroy – Find band on Facebook – Give their page a like as they are currently just finishing recording their debut EP and details will be released there.  A track will be inserted here once completed and into the metal track section of the blog for promo!

My Life in the Making – Find band on Facebook – Track to follow so please check back as we are in the process of sorting!

Blacken the Name – Jekyll and Hyde Find band on Facebook 

Here follows a very, very small amount of the evenings photography.  For the full evening (believe me they are worth seeing, 196 photo’s) please go to, Facebook, this gig only 

Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics

  • Ariya
  • City of Ashes
  • Training Icarus
  • The Overnight Angels
  • Commit This To Memory

Tuesday 19th March 2013 at the Beercart Arms in Canterbury saw an unusual and awesome line up of 5 bands put on by Below the Radar Events and Promotions. Yes you heard right, 5 bands, so I knew it was going to be a busy night, I didn’t realise how much fun it was going to be however.

First on the line up Commit This To Memory an alternative rock band from Kent.  Now I wouldn’t have said that this band actually fit on what was a pretty heavy line up but I was wrong.  Yes they have a much softer sound than the other bands playing this gig but they put on a set the crowd really enjoyed.  They are not your normal alternative rock band on the local scene by far, having a real American rock feel to them!  In fact I would also at times say they have a slightly retro feel. I could almost imagine them playing across the airwaves of an American dinner or on stage at a 60’s high school prom.  That aside they have a harder edge with some real punchy riffs, accomplished melodies and a lead vocalist with a really distinct pitch perfect voice.  I like this band a lot and think they can easily fit into many different genre line ups and be appreciated.  I’d recommend going to see these guys, something a little different.

The Overnight Angels a female fronted heavy rock/metal band from Kent/London came next, dropping the evening to its harder tone.  A very young band both in terms of time together and in members but they work together very well indeed.  A jaw dropping performance ensued on stage that commanded your attention at all times.  The crowd were drawn forward and engaged extremely quickly and lead vocalist Niki J Angel knew how to work them.  At the age of 17 this girl has bags of confidence on stage, maybe suggesting some performing arts training somewhere but I could be wrong.  At times the band had a real Evanescence feel to them, including the vocals and you can easily see this is a band they have been influenced by.  Performing a mixture of covers and originals we were even treated to an awesome bass solo (something I haven’t seen often).  My only negative comment would be that male backing vocals were not as strong as lead vocals but then with a voice like that, it would be hard to compete with!  Hugely talented band that seem to just gel together perfectly which was evident by the raptus applause and serge at the stage end of set, to grab one of the 10 free CDs on offer. I have a good feeling about this band.

Next up should have been Training Icarus but with some issues of getting to the venue, City of Ashes stepped down a position on the line up and came next.

City of Ashes a Rock/Alternative/Indie/Post-Hardcore band from Eastbourne took to the stage as part of their 10 date The Water Snake Tour across the country.  So let me set the scene, I move forward with camera in hand, slightly puzzled as to why there are crates/boxes set up in front of the stage.  Duh a podium of course, why keep that talent nailed to a stage?  Vocalist Orion Powell kicked off by elevating himself above the crowd via said makeshift podium in a manner fit for a large festival stage.  This band excite me I have to say.  I’d never seen or heard them before and the pure, clean vocals simply blew me away.  Not all metal bands have that element, where you can hear every word of the lyrics, but these do.  The mixture of heavy screams and gentle almost soulful melodies are just astounding, mix that with soaring guitars and powerful drumming and you have yourself something kind of special.  They moved between songs which screamed of gentleness and vulnerability (The Highest Point of Living) back into hard hitting pure metal in a way that just made your mouth water.  I don’t think I would ever get tired of watching this band perform and am delighted they are sharing their music across the country right now!

So next came Training Icarus a female fronted melodic metal band from South East London signed to Ravenheart Music label.  The band had experienced some pretty rubbish luck with equipment and getting their drummer to the venue and therefore had to move up a slot on the set list.  After more issues, this time with their mp3 player and backing tracks, they hit the stage in a manner that could not be ignored.  Vocalist Leigh Turner’s voice is of a standard that you do not see in a small venue very often but given they performed at Bloodstock a couple of years ago, this is not entirely surprising.  It’s extremely evident this band has been together sometime by their polished performance.  Hard hitting energetic drums, soaring guitars and high hitting notes are just the start, put that with a synth backing and you have yourself some really good metal.  My only confusion is as to why the band use such a heavy backing track?  With talent like this, I just feel it would be better to simply have more musicians in the band to ‘live’ produce the same sound and give it a more organic feel.  Being a huge fan of live music it just took the edge off for me but that is just personal preference and opinion.  You cannot take away the standard and quality of the music or performance from them.

Last but by no means least saw Ariya a British Progressive Metal band from Kent, hit the stage.  Now this is a popular band, evident from the hoards that were already waiting front of stage as they assembled.  I wondered why the hype I have to say, until they started to play.  The tiny stage saw 6 band members cram themselves in with keyboards, synths, guitars and drums… impressive in itself.  Vocalist Alex ‘Alpen’ Temple took to the mic and it was evident from the start that this wasn’t just a metal band.   You could be forgiven at first for thinking you had walked into a live comedy show to be honest.  A quirky character that had instant appeal started by informing the audience of his germs, snot etc both verbally and visually, stuffing tissues up his nose.  When the band stopped the banter with its fans and substantial crowd that had gathered, I was surprised at what was produced.  A hugely fun but extremely credible metal set exuded off stage with metal screams that left your ears ringing for days after.  Performing mainly original material, at the end of the set the band member described as Chris Powell – Synth/Saxophone/beard swapped places with Alex to perform an amazing rendition of Pussy by Rammstein.  I can easily see why these guys have such a faithful fan base following them around.  Personalities that draw you to them, coupled with a really accomplished set of metal musicians, make this a band that I want to follow around supporting, with tissues hanging from my nose!

Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics

Ariya – rebirth Find them on Facebook

City of Ashes – Falling Star Find them on Facebook


Training Icarus – Now or Never Find them on Facebook 


The Overnight Angels – Run From Here Find them on Facebook

Commit This To Memory – Please check back as these guys are just finishing recording and will be updated in next few weeks with a track! – Find on Facebook

Here follows an extreme small amount of the photography taken on the night of this gig.  For full nights photo’s please go to my Facebook page, this gig only 

  • Eyes of the Innocent
  • Beg The Dead
  • With Open Arms

The RokanRolla‘s second ever Live Music Friday saw an interesting line up this week.  Hardcore!  These always make for interesting gigs and you would have been forgiven for thinking you had mistakenly walked into a tattoo and piercing convention when passing through the doors on Friday evening.

Each Friday see’s a different genre of music, 3 bands so I highly recommend you get down and check them out.  You never know when you will be seeing the next ‘big thing’, all bands start somewhere and we have an amazing local music scene out there.  I see so many really talented bands each week at different venues and it never fails to amaze me how badly attended some of these gigs can be.  Free gigs, gigs were entry fee is cheaper than the price of a pint… come on guys, get out there and discover new music!

Eyes of the Innocent – No Forgiveness 
Find them on Facebook 


Beg The Dead – Find them on Facebook 

With Open Arms – Deceivers 
Find them on Facebook 

Here follows a very small amount of the evenings photography.  For all the gigs photo’s please go to Facebook page, this gig only

  • SPiT LiKE THiS
  • Slam Cartel
  • Avenge Thee + Naime
  • Embryon


Thursday evening at the renowned music venue Beercart Arms in Canterbury saw a very special and mixed line up that worked together in the way peanut butter and jam does.  This was a gig I was hyped for, not often for a start I get to photograph and see 4 completely new bands.  Put that together with the reputation of all bands and the rumor that Avenge Thee + Naime would be performing with 3… yes 3 drummers and well, it wasn’t going to be a spectacle to miss!  An awesome line up put on by Below the Radar Events and Promotions.

First up Embryon, it was clear from the start these guys were going to put on a great stage show, just from their appearance and stance and I was not disappointed.  At first they appeared to be quite old school rock in their visual performance but the songs that came off that stage soon told a different story.  Vocalist Dave Frawley looks like he was born to perform and is able to to rock out like a super star whilst keeping tight clean vocals.  The stage saw poses and stances worthy of an arena, hair billowing by a fan in a way that looked like they were shooting a music video and a drum kit that you should bow down to and worship (provided by SPiT LiKE THiS).  Taking the performance off stage and pushing the mic into the crowds faces, made the audience interact in a way that is so hard for first on the line up bands to do.  This oozed of the bands experience of performing and the ability to work a crowd.  The final song of the set saw front man Dave, even pluck a poor unsuspected lady from the audience and twirl her around the floor in a manner fitting more of a masked ball than a heavy rock set!  Performing and playing to the camera in a way that gets me more excited than any thing should on a Thursday evening, this is a band I want to see again!



Next up Avenge Thee + Naime.  Watching this band set up, it became very clear from the off that this was not going to be your normal average band or performance.  If you hadnt heard of this band then you would be forgiven for standing scratching your heads while they set up, off stage… not a single band member anywhere near the stage in fact.  Looking like a flea market with carpets laid down on the dance floor, 3 drum kits set up face to face with topless (partly bottomless too in cases) drummers strewn over the floor.  Granted they usually only have 2 drummers (only… lol) tonight saw a special with a drummer leaving, it was his last performance, new drummer and existing drummer in tow.  You knew from the off that earplugs were more than a must, well if you actually wanted to hear anything for the next couple of weeks!  Vocalist Adam Wesgate puts on a quirky performance, dancing around the floor amongst the crowd in a totally unique manner (this could never be copied), even sitting on the floor at times and stopping to just stare or point at a person.  A slightly uncomfortable experience at times for sure but wow, it does the job of capturing your attention.  If that’s not enough the drummers hit their kits one at time, climbing around on top of them like small children on a climbing frame at the local playground.  At times they fell into poses like the un-dead and gradually came back to life in a frenzied attack that made you fear for the  poor drums lives.  The set ended with drummers falling in somersaults (yes falling) off their kits in heaps of drums, chairs, bodies and broken sticks everywhere.  This is a performance that not one single person in the world should miss, even if you hate metal!

Avenge Thee + Naime

Avenge Thee + Naime

Slam Cartel came next and you had to feel a little sorry for any band that had to follow the previous set.  Being a 3 drum and Glam Rock/Horror sandwich was always going to be a hard for any band and in fairness I feel that they should probably have been moved down a slot to gain the crowd appreciation that they deserved.  However, this does not detract from the bands performance both visually and musically in anyway.  A strong band, extremely good at what they do, gaining airplay on such radio stations as Planet Rock, shows you the caliber of these guys and they put on a more than credible performance.  Being joined on stage by the infamous Bobb the Pineapple (appeared on stage with Rage Against the Machine and has his own Facebook) saw a band with a front man that sure loves what he does.  Hard hitting rock belted on and off stage as vocalist Giles Van Lane frequently went walk about, interacting the with audience and demanding that they paid attention.  This is a front man that you never want to take you eyes off, not only due to his enigmatic manner but also due to his love of stealth attacks on those that turn their backs (I learn this quickly!).  Playing to the camera at all times, getting up real close and personal and even including the camera in a song this band sure know how to play to their fans.  I was even invited on stage by the guitarist at one point to photograph the drummer and he playfully then tried to block me and proceed to dance around me!  A really fun band with an awesome sound that I can’t wait to see perform to a larger crowd.

Slam Cartel

Slam Cartel

Last but no means least SPiT LiKE THiS an Alternative Horror-Streaked UK Glam Punk band hit the stage.  Clear from walking into the venue and seeing their merchandise stand and the way these guys were dressed, this was going to be a show and a half…  Performing as part of their NormalityVille Horror Tour these guys look like they had just stepped of set from The Rocky Horror Show stage, which is quite fitting as they performed an amazing cover of Sweet Transvestite.  So amazing you would be forgiven for thinking these guys had actually wrote it or it had it written for them.  The band has a stunning female bassist ViKKi SPiT who fits better than an old shoe in the line up and sure knows how to glam it up!  I was never quite sure if this was a stunning musical West End show or a hard hitting punk/glam rock band but either way I loved it.  Punchy hard hitting songs, visual performances of the likes you will rarely see, a front man that  can interact with an audience in a way that would make the most accomplished jealous .. this band knows how to have fun.  Random moments of creating a conga around the floor, an audience member having ‘titties’ drawn on his naked chest with a marker pen and banter that would cut anyone dead makes this a band at the top of their game.  I could never get bored with watching these guys… a total must see!



So there ends a review which is much longer than it should be but equally not nearly long enough to convey the feelings and emotions that this gig induced.   The buzz from this was amazing and although I try to stay neutral on opinions and reviews, its impossible to do so with this one.  I’m breaking my rule and saying this was one of my favorites  both personally to watch and to photograph.  I can’t put across enough the spectacle in words, so hope that my photo’s will do the job for me.  A tiny amount of 169 photo’s taken on the night will appear below so I implore you to click the link to the Facebook page and look at the rest!  A random day started with a Facebook friend request from a pineapple, ended in an even more surreal and random way.  An evening that will stick in my mind for many years to come!

Review by Sarah Quinn – GIGglepics

SPiT LiKE THiS – Sick 
Find them on Facebook  


Slam Cartel – Handful of Dreams 
Find them on Facebook 

Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of the Horse 
Find them on Facebook 


Embryon – Lost
Find them on Facebook 


Here follows an extremely small amount of photography from the evening, for full evenings photo’s please go to Facebook, this gig only

  • Jukebox Monkey
  • Let The Dust Settle
  • All That We Know
  • Ian Day (Tank Trap)

New Music Thursday at the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue provided something more than a little bit special on this night.  Firstly it was going to be an exciting night because 3 of the acts playing I had never seen before and its always great to see new acts, secondly Ian Day from the mighty Tank Trap was performing an acoustic set!

So we start with Ian Day.  Now I’ve been fortunate enough to see Tank Trap live and photograph them at a small gig in Ashford at Platform 5 and that is a gig I will not forget in a hurry.  Therefore it was with slight trepidation that I prepared for Ian’s acoustic set.  I knew deep down that it would be good, with a voice like that it could be nothing else.  However, there was an edge of nerves as to whether his performance could be as great as when with his band. I really needn’t have worried.  Ian played an acoustic set of rock/bluesy covers including an amazing version of Hey Maggie, REM covers and a jaw dropping performance of Hallelujah.  Ian finished his set with a rendition of MMMBop by Hanson which he assured was for comic value, although knowing the words so well, I’m not entirely convinced!   Each song saw an eruption of applause from the audience who sat mesmerized by this stripped back, pure set of vocals and guitar.  Ian’s voice simply captivated the audience with a strong but at times slightly gravelly, pure sound that filled the huge venue with ease, such is the power of of his voice.  The only difference between an Ian Day acoustic performance and a Tank Trap performance for this lead singer, is an air of vulnerability when on stage performing alone.  Gone is the edgy confident persona and in its place something a little more vulnerable and unsure, which in itself is very charming.  All in all I have to say this was an incredible set that had the rock/heavy rock bands that were to follow sitting in total appreciation and they were not afraid to show it.  I would most definitely be seeking out an Ian Day acoustic gig to watch again on a personal level.

Next up saw a young covers band called All That They Know,  who have recently performed on Academy FM.  Still relatively new, having formed in August 2011 this trio feature covers ranging from Tiao Cruz through to John Lennon.  They are stepping into the studio in a couple of weeks on March the 12th to begin recording their debut EP.  This evening however saw rock covers of the likes of Kings of Leon, Artic Monkeys and Blink 182 to name few, although their set only ran for around 20 minutes in total.  The lead singer and guitarist Harley Johnson, if I’m honest, looked the most confident and comfortable in the band, settling in well to his performance.  I’m not entirely sure how many gigs this band have played together but they did at times appear to be nervous and lacking that real confidence and stage presence that draws an audience in.  This could also be due to the epic numbers that they chose to perform, as the likes of Sex is on Fire require a certain amount of  boldness and exuberance to pull off entirely credibly.  Still having said that, this is a band that I feel has potential for growth and with more performances together I feel they will develop a greater confidence that will enhance their stage performance and therefore the audiences appreciation.  One to watch!

Headline support act Let The Dust Settle are an originals Heavy Rock/Metal band from Tonbridge Wells, Kent. This band consists of 4 members and I have to say for me had a slight Motorhead feel about them.  Now when they first took to the stage I’ll be honest, I did not know what to expect.  These guys did not look like your stereotypical heavy rock/metal band apart from the Jack Daniels and Led Zepplin t-shirts on stage, the usual heavy tattoos, piercings or long headbanging hair were not really in sight.  I know slap on the wrist for the stereotyping… but well its just what I’m used to seeing.  However, what was evident from the very first bar is that looks can be deceiving.  The heavy riffs mixed with clear punchy vocals captured my attention from the very start and I soon found it hard to concentrate on photography due to feeling the need to to move!  By the time they came to the last song of their set, self titled Let The Dust Settle I did in fact find myself moving my head in a general nodding fashion along with the headbanging being produced on stage.  At the end of the set the guitarist simply announced to the audience “I’m a sweaty monkey” and it was quite apt really.  This band is full of energy with confidence that belies a real ‘gel’ in the band.  This is a band I need to see more of… not because I haven’t made up my mind, the opposite, I need to see them again!

Now on to the headliners Jukebox Monkey.  These guys describe themselves as ‘4 Guys playing bad-ass hard-rock’ and well, they are just what they say on the tin.  Having come highly recommended by another amazing hard rock/stoner metal band Stone Kings, I was expecting good things… I was not disappointed.  In fact I would go as far as to say that I got, amazing things!  This band showed what they were all about from the off, flying out of the box, no messing into a hard energetic rock set of pure headbanging and heavy riffs that I would defy anyone to stand still too, with an energy that is rarely seen these days.  It is very evident these guys have been together for a considerable amount of time and I am astonished that they have not progressed much further yet, or that I had not heard of them to date.  An extremely tight set and interaction on stage between members show how many gigs they have played together and wow, what a show they put on.  None of which compromises the amazing sound that come from the stage.  The drummer captured my attention from the very start, reminding me of Animal from the Muppet’s with his wild and enthusiastic method of drumming, which included, unusually, a cowbell!  I can honestly say that I would pay decent money to go and watch these guys and think they are destined for good/bigger things.  If bad-ass hard rock is what you are all about, you must get out there to one of their gigs, you will not be disappointed.  I recommend that you check these guys out on Facebook, give them a like and show them some love, after last nights performance, they deserve it!

Judging by the overall quality and standard of last nights gig, if the RokanRolla continue to produce such high standard evenings I can see their venue being packed out to capacity very soon.

Here follows a very small selection of photography from the night.  For the full evenings photo’s please go to my Facebook page, this gig only

Hear track Jukebox Monkeys – Airborne
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Let The Dust Settle – Weapons And War 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet
Find Ian on Facebook 
Find Tank Trap on Facebook 

Should be able to bring you tracks and links for Let The Dust Settle and All That We Know later today or in the next couple of days so please check back!

  • Insult
  • The Eyes
  • The Half Wits
  • Tres Camaradas

So a freezing cold Thursday evening saw a night of Punk and Rock hit the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue.  Now this was the first time that the RokanRolla venue had seen a full-on line up such as this and it was an evening that did not go entirely smoothly. Writing reviews for gigs can be extremely rewarding but equally at times it can be difficult.  The whole point of reviews is honesty, otherwise there is no point and to be honest I would be discredited pretty quickly if I was anything but.  This is one that I’ve not looked forward to writing because it involves a venue and bands that I work or have worked with on several occasions.  I’ve had to put some real thought into this and I think in fairness I will keep details to a minimum and try to focus on all the positives of the evening.

So first band up was Tres Camaradas, a local Rock/Punk band that is very new on the scene.  In fact last night was only their fourth ever gig but had I not been told this, I would never have known.  They performed a really tight set for a band that have performed so few gigs and if this is where they are at now, I can only say that the future holds bright things for them!  One to keep an eye on.

Next up were The Half Wits, another local band of pure Punk!  These guys have a devoted following on the scene already and it showed. This was not the first time I’ve photographed this band and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last.  Always exciting to work with as their aggressive Punk lyrics see their fans hit the floor in a big hard way… producing some amazing photo’s and an insight into the world of Punk.  On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that these guys and their fans are foul mouth yobs out to cause trouble (foul mouth may be right when it comes to the lyrics of course)… but this is exactly the type of generalization that gives certain genres an unfair and misunderstood reputation.  In fairness its hard and brutal music with even more brutal moves on the floor but this does not mean that it follows through in general.  These guys are awesome at what they do and if you are into your pure Punk… check them out!

Next followed The Eyes, a band that I can only describe as more Rock than their Hard Rock genre.  I’ve photographed this band on a few occasions now and they are exactly what they say on the tin… they also know how to party just as hard as they perform.  Being completely honest and they admitted this themselves, last night was not their best performance, seeing technical problems with equipment among other issues, but as Rock goes these guys know exactly what they are doing and always put on a full on show well worth watching!

Now to the headline band Insult…  well as the photo’s will show these guys were unable to play on the night.  As I mentioned earlier, the evening did not go off without incident and I will try to pass over the details as much as possible.  However, the fact that there was an altercation cannot be ignored as it was partly the reason the headline act was unable to play due to time running out.  It is not for me to pick apart the what’s and why’s of events, I have attended many a gig in the RokanRolla with no problems, I have photographed the bands on a few occasions, never with any problems… sometimes things just happen.  On this occasion Rock and Punk did not mix!

However, any problems were over extremely quickly and handled impeccably by door security, for which he should be commended.  Everyone involved calmed quickly and I feel it was no reflection on those involved…  it was just a real shame.

Insult are a local Old School Punk band, in fact the lads are from Folkestone and had a fair following of fans waiting to see them perform, so there was much disappointment all around.  For myself, their sets always produce great photography and so does their crowd.  In the interest of fairness, as I wasn’t able to get any photographs of them on their headline night, I will still place their track, link to Facebook and links to previous gigs photography I have done of them.  Again, if you are into your Punk, you must check these guys out as they really no how to do it in style!

As usual, here follows a very small amount of the evenings photography.  For the full evenings photo’s please go to Facebook, this gig only (well worth a look, lots of photo’s of both the fans and bands… Insult made it into the fans photo’s!)

Hear track Tres Camaradas – Sink 
Find them on Facebook
Download their full demo for free from soundcloud

Hear track The Half Wits – SOCIETY 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track The Eyes – Gravytrain (studio version) 
Find them on Facebook 

Hear track Insult – Face in the Mud 
Find them on Facebook

Find photo’s of these guys at previous gigs I’ve photographed here: Bar Below gig – Beer Cart Arms gig – Platform 5 gig

AND THE WINNER IS:  DARBY WOODALL OF SQUIDINK (come see me at the next gig we are both at for your prize… two free shots on special offer or equivalent)  Photographic proof of prize will be posted lol

This was a pit photo taken to Mistikisin version of Let the Bodies Hit the Floor