Avenge Thee + Naime – Ear of The Horse – Track Review

So yesterday, (Friday 31st May 2013) I had the pleasure of playing with these guys and actually hearing this track in a live environment!  Now these guys are different to most generic bands in the fact they have 2 drummers!  The way that they work together as a whole band is truly amazing and this track really sums it up! It starts off slowly building into, what you can feel, to be a massive burst of energy and when that is realised, there’s no holding back!  With a crunching riff throughout and the bass crushing through the mix, you can really feel the emotion in the song, especially with the added vocals which just attack you straight out! The raw power of this track recorded and live is just killer and you can’t help but bang your head!  Much love for these guys as people and as a band and can’t wait for even more!

Tommy Rogers

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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Photography by Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics


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