RokanRolla – 15.03.13 – Go-Zilla – Up For The Let Down – Circle of Reason

Posted: March 17, 2013 in RokanRolla Photo's
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Friday Night Live at the RokanRolla in Folkestone saw something a little bit special last week.  Andrew Kesby, local promoter put on a special birthday gig for himself, booking some amazing acts.  It was a slightly unusual, mixed line up with customers and music lovers being treated to a mix of Alternative Rock, Pop Punk and Dance Rock.

First up were the hugely talented Alternative Rock band from Southampton, Circle of Reason.  Not a band I had seen or heard before due to them not being local but wow, these guys are not to be missed.  Describing themselves as an Alt rock, prog, melodic, metal, indie band, it was clear that they were going to be something a little bit different and they didn’t disappoint.  Swinging seamlessly between heavy guitar riffs that would make even the most heavy metal band envious, to moving down tempo, while keeping the rock vibe, and becoming more melodic and strangely beautiful.  Lead vocals that simply captivates the audience attention range from being as smooth and warm as a hot chocolate on a winters day, to hard hitting with not a bum note in site.  Fearsome drumming and guitar riffs that simply make you just want to move your body and you have yourself a band that you want to see more and more off.  Engaging to watch and a really lovely bunch of guys!  Get out there and see them, you will be very surprised, I think they could turn anyone into fans of this genre.

Circle of Reason

Circle of Reason

Second came female fronted Pop Punk/Rock band from Medway, Up For The Let Down.  I have seen these guys before at the Beercart Arms in Canterbury but Friday night, they were on form!  Front woman Lex engages the audience in a way that is rarely seen, moving in and out of them offstage, while singling the odd member out for special attention.  I rarely see a crowd so engaged with a band at a gig, but these guys were even posing for photo’s with her during the set.  Lex produces strong punk vocals so crisp and clear you feel yourself being drawn like the lure of paddling your feet in cool soothing lake on a hot summers day.  The band produce and bang out some extremely catchy numbers, to the point I even found myself singing along at moments.  Combing fast guitars and a rarely seen female lead vocalist make this a band that you simply cant not like.  These guys are piling on the gigs at the moment so check them out on Facebook and go and show them some love!  You won’t regret it.

Up For The Let Down

Up For The Let Down

Last but by no means least came the Dance Rock band from London Go-Zilla.  I’ve seen these guys once before and reviewed them when they were actually really poorly lads, so was looking forward to seeing them again at their best.  Wow, they were at their best!  A very unusual genre of music and one that I actually found hard to categorise when I downloaded their free album, these guys put all the fun of a fairground into 30 minutes of jumping, dancing awesomeness.  Attaining a lot of attention recently from the likes of Kerrang and Front Magazine, it’s very easy to see why.  I don’t think there was one person in the venue that could not resist jumping up and dancing to these guys.  There music is more catchy than the flu virus and its clear that they LOVE what they do.  Dancing around on stage they look like they are having so much fun that you just want/need to join them.  You could never come away from one of their gigs feeling down or disappointed.  The buzz you get from watching this band should actually be available on prescription.  If you don’t go to one of their gigs, you are simply doing yourself a huge disservice in life.



Sarah Quinn – GIGgle Pics

Go-Zilla – Chasing Shadows

Find them on Facebook

Up For The Let Down – I Fear Sharks

Find them on Facebook

Circle of Reason – Chasing the Sun

Find them on Facebook

Here follows a very small amount of photography from the evening.  For full evenings photos, please go to Facebook page, this gig only

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