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So last night was the first ever Live Music Friday at the RokanRolla, Folkestone’s only dedicated music venue and brought a mixed line up of Pop Punk/Alt Rock/Hip Hop.  Although to be fair all three bands crossed over genre’s to a certain degree.  The evening went down well with the locals, seeing a busy bar and lots of movement on the dance floor.  Proof indeed there is a place for live music in every town!

First on line up, Sail On are a band I have not seen before.  Having had many line up changes and recently losing their vocalist ‘screamer’ the rest of the band managed to fill the loss well.  New vocalist/front man Gavin Aldhouse had a really great voice and once gains a little more confidence, will be a great addition to this lively/feisty/energetic band.  This was a really enjoyable set of pop punk as it should be, producing an all round good performance.  I would recommend going to see this band purely on the basis alone, that one of their guitarists leaps to heights on stage that would make even a kangaroo jealous.

Second on the line up, Third Place Victory an Alt Rock/Pop Punk band that I’ve seen a couple of times before.  Each and every time I see these guys take to the stage, they place a vision of what the set of Land of the Giants must have looked like into my brain.  Lead vocalist Mike Lloyd, towers above the other band members physically and has the stage presence to match.  Batting off heckles from an audience member in a way that both outwitted and allowed nothing further, Mike produced his usual strong performance.  Missing their cover of Sexy and I Know It which slightly disappointed, they produced a set of strong originals,  although not quite to their usual high standard.  Illness was evident to a degree and the band had to contend with the breaking of a lead/drum stick and string during their set but recovered well.  This aside, always a great band to watch with a unique style and I really enjoyed their set.

Headline act, ShyChlo came next.  Another band I have seen a number of times and I was slightly disappointed that they are still performing what would seem to be exactly the same set that I saw the very first time around.  Managing their own sound at all of their gigs shows the bands dedication to what they produce.  However, I found it slightly distracting to the performance when their manager/sound technician kept getting on and off stage to make minor adjustments.  To be fair this could have been more noticeable to me as I was was concentrating more on the visuals while trying to take photographs of the band.  All this aside, ShyChlo are very good at what they do and the audience were dancing and loving their set of covers from the likes of Dizzy Rascal.  Even I found myself moving to the rap dance tracks and general bouncing produced on stage.  This is a band who’s standard of performance never drops in any way, even with a vocalist suffering from flu.  An extremely distinctive sound that you could never fail to recognize as ShyChlo finished the evening in a fitting way!

A great night which brings high hopes for future Live Music Fridays at the venue.

Hear track ShyChlo – Wake Up
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Official Website

Hear track Third Place Victory – X’s & Hex’s – 01 Bangarang 
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Official Website 

Hear track Sail On – Things Are On The Up 
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Here follows a very small amount of the photography taken on the night.  For the full evenings photo’s, please go to Facebook page, this gig only (worth it alone for the rest of the photo’s of Sail On’s guitarist jumping like a Springboc)


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